We all talk about focus and concentration but none of us actually work on it. A peaceful environment, calm and sound sleep is so important to come out of a sedentary lifestyle. Nature Sure Mind Shakti tablets are a powerful blend of ingredients and power-packed tablets. Before heading to the review let’s talk about some essential brain foods.

Brain Foods to be included in the diet

Avocado, Walnuts, Banana, Blueberries, Strawberries, Whole Grains, Spinach, Broccoli, etc. They are some of the important brain foods and many other such foods that have to be consumed for healthy brainpower or as a brain booster.

Courtesy – Health Harvard Edu

Mind Shakti Tablets is a 600mg tablet that contains a powerful blend of Moringa Oleifera (Antioxidant properties and helps with the mental process to complete any task aka cognitive functions), Shankpushpi (Known as the brain tonic and used for memory or intelligence), Brahmi (sharpens the brain), Vatch (Strengthens nervous system), Gorakhmundi (cools and calms the brain), Sarphonk (overall liver health), Ashwagandha (boosts memory), Jatamansi (brain tonic).

The price is Rs. 894 for 60 tablets.

The current sedentary lifestyle has blocked our lifestyle. Technology, Alcohol, Late Night Outs, Stress, Depression, Continuos Video Games or Mobile Games and many such harmful things which ruin our body/mental health in the long run. It is time to make a change and help build a good lifestyle that will benefit us.

How does Mind Shakti Tablets help us improve our mind or brain health?

The tablets have nature-derived ingredients. It is important to boost our brain just like we need our day-to-day boost in life. The tablets are like a power booster which helps with concentration, learning process, grasping things quickly. It helps with great brain functioning. Multi-tasking is one thing that we as women get in imbibed. It is important to be accurate or make things work well in order to achieve certain tasks in life. These tasks at times need great mental and physical strength. Nature Sure Mind Shakti tablets helped me to perform tasks smoothly and concentrate on work at the same time. Due to the high level of zinc in them, they help with the cognitive functions of the brain. Cognitive meaning following a certain process to complete any task. For example – receive, process, navigate, work accordingly.

I have a habit of forgetting things due to workload or shortage of time. It helped me calm in a better way and find out solutions instead of random panic issues.

The above experience is purely based on my personal experience and will differ from person to person. Please consult the doctor before consuming any medicines or tablets.

PRECAUTIONS: The tablets are generally safe for oral consumption by adults in recommended doses. Reduce dosage if you experience symptoms like stomach upset, heartburn, diarrhea or nausea. Pregnant and breastfeeding women and people with very low BP (hypotension) should avoid taking these tablets. Consult your doctor for possible contraindications in you are on any other medication.

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