A brand that never fails to amaze me is Juicy Chemistry. The post is about 100% Organic Aloe Vera and Lemon Water Toning Mist. It is important to include the CTM routine to achieve that perfect skin. I started this quite late but trust me it works best. I have tried many brands before my blogging journey started and most of them were chemical-laden products used in every household for ages. No one ever questioned the authenticity of these products nor we saw the labels on them. My curiosity for almost every product made me research on perfect brands that delivered cruelty-free, no preservatives, no fragrance oils, and no artificial colors.

My search ended with Juicy Chemistry – A brand that never fails to amaze me with their formulations! I have used their products in the past but recently they had this massive makeover with new labels, new ingredients and big switch in their product range.

Recently tried their toning mist for the first time and trust me it was a lovely experience altogether. I thought of writing it as a detailed post today.

About Juicy Chemistry – Juicy Chemistry is one of its kind in India and certified organic brand. Certified organic products Ecocert Greenlife (France) according to COSMOS standards. Well-known brand among green beauty bloggers and almost every individual today.

Packaging – Juicy Chemistry has extended it’s support towards plastic-free packaging and hence environment-friendly.

Usage – Spritz it every morning post face wash Wait for 10 mins and spritz it all over. Allow it to set on the face as it a pure blend of distilled mist.


I have oily + sensitive skin types. I was not sure if rose water would suit me hence purchased this Aloe Vera and Lemon Water Toning Mist. It has Pure Aloe Distillate and Lemon Distillate and these are 100% sourced ingredients from organic farming. It adds instant relief and calmness to tired/dull face. I use this in the morning/night during my CTM routine. A perfect spritz will make your day! This is basically for damaged & sensitive skin type but works perfectly for my skin too. Use this anytime during busy work hours or for a calm Sunday Face Pampering. Make sure to spritz some every night for that perfect sleep and sorted skin. I usually do WFH so my skin is touchwood blessed and nothing is tanned. Unfortunately, my skin is super sensitive and my face or skin has these red random rashes even with the slightest itching occurs.

Helps you with pores but it won’t vanish the pores. It basically cleans the face pores and this will indirectly help them from clogging too. It is a hydrosol cum mist so the fragrance lingers for a bit. No prominent fragrance as such. It does help in removing makeup as well, does not sting my face. Not sure about the waterproof makeup though.

Organic Aloe Vera & Lemon Water Toning Mist helps in healing my random red rashes or skin irritations. In conclusion, this is a must-have skincare purchase for achieving a better skincare routine.

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