A smile can brighten up someone’s day. Isn’t this true? We all agree to this. Achieving a perfect smile with super soft natural lips adds an altogether different dimension to one’s face. I love lip scrub especially for their variety of pure fragrances. Never tried any chemical-laden ones. I recently got a chance to order from The Basic Organics. Purchased their mini version of lip scrub and hair oil. Here is a short review of their tempting Coffee Cinnamon Lip Scrub in Vanilla flavor.

OMG! one must buy this product you are a coffee lover. I’m sold with the fragrance and will always buy this cute baby from the brand 🙂 Coffee, Cinnamon, and Vanilla these are like my favorite when it comes to fragrance! Moreover, this combination is quite rare when it comes to natural or organic products.

  • The lip scrub is a must for dry or chapped lips
  • It adds a good nourishing effect post-use
  • Simple and mess-free soft fine scrub in texture
  • Adds an immediate natural glow on your lips. Say no to dry/chapped lips now!
  • One can use it every day if he/she has dry lips or girls can use it before lipstick
Lip Scrub
  • Super affordable and is just for Rs.50
  • My past experience was there were raw coarse sugar chunks in it. This particular one is so fine and yet nice in texture that it won’t hurt your lips
  • You are someone who cannot live without sweets than this one is for you as it makes me feel like I’m having a dessert
  • Thumbs up for the fragrance
  • Many of the lip scrubs usually leave sticky oil residue on your lips. This one is totally adorable and does not make sticky lips.

In conclusion, I would suggest purchasing this baby for a soft exfoliation for the lips.