Hair woes are real! The real trouble starts when you see hair fall during the wash session. I love the way content creation and product reviews allow me to try a different set of products that fit into my personal preferences. Came across this interesting brand when they wanted me to try their products for my honest review.

I did my little research and found it interesting. Little Extra was launched in October 2022. Although it is a new brand, there are some really great reviews for its products. Frankly speaking, I had no high hopes for the conditioner, but it does work. 

People often tend to forget no single haircare product will reduce hair fall or your hair health drastically. Several factors improve hair health, like no/less stress, regular sleep patterns, sticking to paraben/sulphate-free products, weekly hair oiling, scalp massager comb to stimulate blood circulation, neem wooden comb, proper healthy diet, and many other factors.

A little background about Little Extra

Little Extra is the brainchild of Nikhil and Ekta Manglik. Currently, the products are mainly related to haircare. They are 100% vegan, natural, Peta-certified, cruelty-free, and have plant-derived ingredients. The products are Certified Made Safe® by Safe Cosmetics Australia, Australian Certified Toxic-Free®, and dermatologically tested. Read this list to know more about the toxins.

Coco Onion Natural Conditioner

I love hydrating conditioners that help with my sometimes frizzy hair. It has Pea, Wheat Protein, and Ceramides. The label states it is fragrance-free; however, it has a mild fragrance. The conditioner is power-packed with some really good ingredients that will help your hair’s health.

I have an oily scalp with dry/normal hair ends. I always ensure to use a cleansing shampoo along with a hydrating conditioner. The conditioner has powerful ingredients like coconut oil, onion oil, pea and wheat protein, aloe vera, and other essential ingredients. The ingredients make it perfect to reduce hair fall and promote shine and moisture to the hair. The price point with such a good ingredient list is good. 

Little Extra review

Image Courtesy – Little Extra Website

My hair

  • Felt soft
  • Had manageable hair ends
  • Were tangle free 
  • Had controlled frizz
  • Had less hair fall

Trust me, it works in just a single use in terms of hair fall. 

Dual Tooth Neem Wood Comb

I’ve used wooden combs in the past and have some with me already. This one was surprisingly good on my hair. One small thing that I felt was the bristles are a little harsh if you use them directly on the scalp. I would say to use it gradually on the hair and untangle the knots carefully. I have wavy hair with little frizz and stay in a humid area. My hair tangles easily, and this one comes in handy and makes my hair manageable.

I tried using it for my daughter, who’s 3 years old, but it felt a little harsh for her as she has curly hair, and her hair thickness isn’t much. I would say it does work for hair fall and might work for dandruff-prone scalp as it has neem oil. The comb is also 100% natural and sustainable. Use it before and after hair champi or even post shower if you use a leave-in conditioner. 

Little Extra Review

My hair

  • Felt soft
  • Had managed the frizz
  • Was untangled well
  • Was easily manageable, even post-hair wash

My final verdict is to try both products along with the shampoo for better results. 

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