I’m sure you all have might read my previous post about the effective wipes by Mother Sparsh. I did a home flame test demonstration to check the purity of these As Good As Cotton & Water-based Wipes. The results were very good and would love to share it with you all today. 

Do you know the Sanitary Pads and Wipes we use gets added to the garbage collection and takes decades to decompose in the landfill? Have you ever thought to switch to better alternatives which would help the earth to be a better place to live in 🌎? If no then this is the right time!

I’ve had a real hard time in removing my makeup. I do occasional makeup, use some remover which has adverse effects like unexpected breakouts 😢which takes a long time to heal. I even know my Bestie who has a daughter and experiences diaper rashes every now and then with a frequent diaper change. Please opt for cotton diapers and use this wipes and I’m sure you won’t regret!


I’ve heard a lot of moms who complain about diaper rashes and girls who get breakouts with facial wipes or makeup remover. Mother Sparsh is one product which is Biodegradable and perfect for babies or anyone to use on the face as it has no Parabens.

My views before doing the flame test were different but I’m happy it was opposite and in my favor. Burning chemical ones or polyester/plastic wipes have that weird smell but trust me you should try this at home as it excels the flame test.

Flame Test – Take the wipe in front of the lite candle and burn this wipe. Polyester and Plastic has an odd strong odor but Mother Sparsh passed the test with flying colors and it was a unique light fragrance resembling a paper burn. Second thing was to check if had lumps like the chemically laden polyester wipe at the burnt edges. This one was the best one as I had to check if it had any lumps but it turned black and fell like paper ash. This clears the fact that it is made up of 98% water. Baby’s skin is super sensitive so this would help as it contains Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil as the key ingredients. The other polyester wipes have formed lumps on the corners and are made up of weird ingredients as the fragrance was scary.


If you are someone who loves to use products which would help you and the environment than please choose Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes. These wipes are now Minion Approved too ♥️ Have you tried these? Or do the flame test? If not please compare it with those polyester chemical wipes and you would see a clear result and Mother Sparsh breaks all the records 😊❤️

The extraordinary perfect wipes are super affordable and a must-buy for any age group from kids to adults. Have you made a natural swap to help and contribute for the environment? If not please proceed and use these wipes.