Our ancestors used neem twigs and charcoal to maintain oral health or teeth care. At present, the market is filled with chemical or foaming tubes of toothpaste. Raw Beauty is a Jalandhar based brand started by a down-to-earth founder Sunayana Walia. She will guide you and answer all the queries with utmost patience.

Raw Beauty

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My favorite owner is Chitra (Diya Naturals) and now it’s Sunayana too. It is rare to find these beautiful souls. I have purchased Raw Beauty Chamkeela and it’s a month she never asked me for a review till date. Did you know our toothpaste doesn’t require foaming or SLS in it? A good bamboo brush with soft bristles is more than enough for squeaky clean teeth. Raw Beauty Chamkeela has all good natural ingredients to maintain oral hygiene ✌️💚 I have a fellow blogger @organicbomb_n_naturalblast who is a dentist by profession she once spoke about plain Colgate and not to use anything else. I was such a fool all these years concentrating on food and skincare (organic/natural) completely forgot it is important to use a good chemical-free toothpaste.

Raw Beauty

Paper Package 🙂

Have you ever checked the ingredients on your favorite regular toothpaste?  Please watch out for these ingredients.

Raw Beauty

My Experience with the Tooth Powder
  • The Raw Beauty Chamkeela powder is fine, not at all harsh on the teeth. Nitin said it is like a Biryani Masala 😂
  • I loved the natural raw fragrance of the powder
  • Anything good comes with a price tag but trust me it’s worth the price as the results are stunning
  • My personal experience with the powder was slow yet effective 

  • A few days ago I had slight pain near my upper tooth area, I was scared to go to any dentist as I have already done a Root Canal a few months back and I don’t want to repeat any of the Dentist sessions :p ( I kept praying this gets normal after I brush my teeth after dinner). It was a slight pain but trust me that vanished after the brushing
  • My dentist told me that my saliva is thick and there are chances that it might give me early cavities 🙁 and yellowness aka tartar. This tooth powder helps with the tartar issue and give me squeaky clean teeth 🙂

Raw Beauty

You can also buy clean skincare, haircare and solid perfumes from RAW BEAUTY Instagram page.

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*This is not a sponsored review. I have purchased the product and above are my honest and unbiased opinions based on personal experience.

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