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We have always dreamt of taking up a profession that has my passion for it! I am always grateful for my parents for accepting weird changes during the career choosing phase 🙂

I have a Science background, my love for Biology was visible in the HSC results. My HSC tutor suggested and hence skipped Biotechnology 🙁 Dad is from Army background and had to drop his education after HSC due to Grandpa’s death and join the department on his behalf with flying colors in every test. Coincidently Mom, on the other hand, had to do the same.

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None of them was aware of choosing the right field for me. I took a Bachelor in Computer Application field, scored the entrance test but the subjects didn’t interest me and had two subjects ATKT. Shocked by this ATKT for the very first time, I was hell-bent to prove myself and accept some different field.

Dad knew my love for accessories and then convinced mom to allow me to study Fashion Designing at INIFD, Pune. On completion of the course, gained enough knowledge to work under a big fashion firm or do an internship at a designer. Destiny had some other plans and none of them had a vacancy.

On a day I tried to give an interview in a BPO, the only delivery center of India for the well-known US and International search engine. Initially, selected as OBA (Online Business Analyst), the journey started well and finally had to end in Feb’ 16. I never gave up my love for accessories or neckpieces and my colleagues often appreciated my choice. My love for the art of dressing helped a few of my male friends to change and level up their wardrobe game stronger!

Qualitative work went noticed! I was slow in the beginning when it came to assessing the work but my work quality was top notch. This habit of giving 100% helped me at work and they kept promoting me to a new level. OBA – SMA (Subject Matter Expert) – Process Trainer in 3 yrs of my work career. This is like a dream come true, every US client at HQ was happy to appoint me as a trainer.

I had to resign from my job due to marriage and city change. Many of us would connect with me. Leaving everything was a tough task but it wasn’t a full stop to learn new things.

Nitin(husband) a positive guy insisted me to start something at home. Sindhudurg is not as developed as Pune hence I couldn’t fit in this side of the world. I had no friends, the only person I could rely on was Nitin and my former office colleagues.

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“You must not let anyone define your limits because of where you come from. Your only limit is your soul.” – Ratatouille

This defines me today and this is how Vigorous Radiant and Glowing (VRAG, my blog) came into the picture 🙂 Jagruti eased with blog issues and I planned to purchase own domain. Today I’m well-versed with organic products and have discarded all chemical-laden products from my daily life, slowly trying to be eco-warrior and conscious on serious issues like plastic ban from my household. I’m sure we all have a story today, please share how did it all start on your end in the comments.

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