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I’ve been inclined towards powder cleansers and masks lately. They are pure, free of harmful preservatives or chemicals and can be used in their natural form. Suganda Co. founded by a super helpful and skincare enthusiast Bindu Amrutham is one such brand whose products are well-balanced and free of harmful preservatives. You can an ingredient she will explain it to you in detail. Don’t forget to subscribe to her free skincare guide on the website.

Ingredients and Price– Organic Neem, Organic Rice, and Organic Green Tea. It is priced for Rs.750 for 60gms of product.

Texture – The Neem Green Tea Mask has a smooth yet coarse powder texture. This also makes it travel-friendly.

Fragrance – A subtle powdered rice fragrance with a hint of green tea and neem.

My experience with Suganda Neem Green Tea Mask

This product stands to its claim in each way. It calms and clears every skin type as per its tagline. Neem Green Tea Mask is a cleansing mask. I use this as a cleanser with plain water, one can use it with honey/milk/rose water according to skin type/allergies. It works well with plain water.

Neem Green Tea Mask
Absolutely no filter effects
  1. It helps in maintaining the sebum production on my skin especially on the nose
  2. I have oily and sensitive skin type and many times a new product causes red rashes or irritation, this in return calms my skin to an extent
  3. The mask dries super quickly. I wash it off when in semi-dry condition and scrub lightly only on nose part as I have whiteheads
  4. Shrutica has acne-prone skin and she used this too and fortunately, this helped her skin to calm and help from existing acne
  5. A perfect option as a soap-free cleanser

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I recently purchased Suganda BHA Serum and White Lotus Moisturiser. Bindu was so kind as to send me this as complimentary. The above reviews are based on my personal experience hence took some time to judge the product. If you swear by natural or chemical-free products please add this cleanser mask to your list soon!