I love traveling by railways. I still remember the first-ever visit at Vaishno Devi with family, this was the first experience while my school times.

Dad being in the Defence, as a kid mom took me with them for assigned cities. The last train journey before marriage was a huge achievement in itself, Pune to Bihar with a friend for a wedding without the family.

I keep traveling to Pune, Sindhudurg, Goa, and Mumbai. Initially via bus but continuously the journey was tiresome. Relaxing on the seat was a huge task :p, therefore, we decided to travel by railway only.

Tejas Express is one of its kind in India. I never thought we would travel on this train ๐Ÿ™‚ Nitin booked the tickets and must say he did the best thing. Read the post till the end for my personal experience during this journey.

  • Tejas Express
  • Tejas Express
  • Tejas Express
  • Tejas Express
  • Tejas Express
  • Tejas Express
First service – 24 May 2017 (Source -Google) from Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSTM) to karmali, goa

Train tickets costed us Rs. 2250.98 in total

Tejas Express is a full hi-tech train. Split into two parts:- Executive Chair Car (EC) and AC Chair Car (CC). We booked the CC tickets and are planning to reserve tickets for EC in the future.

Features and experience – Tejas Express
  • The moment we entered the train it has balanced freshness, unlike the AC luxury buses which stink after a few days. Well maintained AC
  • Tejas Express has automated doors which opens only when the train halts on the platform
  • Super comfortable seating chairs
  • The baggage area is on the top of the seating space just like normal trains and similar to the cabin luggage in flights
  • The waiter greeted with a smile and had a nice beachy print uniform
  • A newspaper and water bottle is complimentary for each person
  • Tejas Express has bio-vacuum toilets, sensor-based taps, odor control toilets, and CCTV Cameras
  • They have a call to action button and reading light like flights, we did not feel the need to call the waiter
  • Classic window view with blinds and one can adjust it midway or close it. The lush green Konkan view is spectacular!
Tejas Express
  • We chose food but only breakfast was served. Maybe we reached the destination at 1 pm hence this case.
  • The breakfast tray had a hot omelet, french fries, two fresh bread slices, butter, muffin cake, and coffee with two biscuits each. The breakfast was good but nothing extraordinary
  • If one is scared of heights or planes this journey might be like a pre-preparation for the same
  • Ample leg space for everyone and super comfortable
  • Every seat has LED TV behind it. One can watch movies or listen to songs. They provide headphones for a nominal rate of Rs 20 or 30. Limited movies and all old Bollywood songs only. They should update these soon
  • Charging sockets – If you have a One Plus handset this might be tedious to be plugged
  • They even gave us mango juice around 12 pm
  • Tejas Express will be a great choice for senior citizens as the noise reduction would make them feel comfortable

Overall good efforts by IRCTC and they should maintain the quality forever with these tickets fares. One must travel once to Goa via Tejas Express!


I would like to thank my co-blogger Noor Chawla, to introduce me and further introduce Judy Morris to share her thoughts on the #bloghop.

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