I hate hair oils and they make my oily scalp super oily. It takes a lot of courage to try new hair oils for a person who has had oily scalp for ages. I came across a brand called Nature Sure and they sent me some products and one of that is this Nature Sure Jonk Tail or Leech Oil. 

I love hair oils that are effective, light and non-sticky at the same time. This particular hair oil stands true to the above factors. Leech Therapy is well-known across the world. Many of them are unaware of leech hair oil benefits. Leech has hirudin in its saliva. Hirudin helps in blood circulation. 

Product Name – Nature Sure Jonk Tail/Leech Oil

Quantity and Price – 110ml for Rs. 239

Application – One can use it regularly. I have an oily scalp so I use the oil twice a week. Massage it gently on the scalp. 

  1. Leech oil helps in hair growth and prevents hair loss
  2. The smell is quite tolerant but slightly strong according to me. Every person is different hence it is tolerable and no pungent smell
  3. It is not sticky and helps your hair nourish well
  4. Strengthens the hair and stops hair fall 
  5. The effects are not quick so it will take some time to show results
  6. In the case of dandruff, it does help and provides itchy scalp calm post application
  7. Hirudin in leech helps with blood circulation and ultimately help with good hair growth and healthy scalp
  8. Now again, in conclusion, this is like the only hair oil which is in the market targeted for hair growth and dandruff

 Every person has a different effect and results so stay calm and wait for the results. Every product act differently and anything will help you to make conditions normal or under control. Nothing can change or reserve your current situation but products surely help in decreasing the issues. They, in conclusion, help things to worsen more. If you apply this oil and still crib about no effects. Please check your diet and sleeping routine. 

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What we consume is often reflected in our skin and hair in total. Make sure to sleep in time and eat in the given time frame. Late-night internet browsing affects skin and hair a lot and hence hair fall is consistent in such individuals. I’m not a doctor nor anyone to consult. This is purely mentioned on the basis of my own working schedule or odd eating hours. I hope this review helps you and don’t forget to purchase this purest oil from Nature Sure.