Hair removing creams are a boon. They are a quick fix for last moment functions or work. Being a blogger it is important to look good or wear clothes that often showcase your hands or legs. I’m not much into outdoor shoots but I do maintain my skin well even if I stay at home. I do follow a dedicated skincare routine every day.

 Waxing is commonly done by everyone these days. Men and women both wax regularly. It becomes super tedious to maintain smooth and hair-free skin for months. I came across NEUD Hair Inhibitor which is one of it’s kind. Hair removing creams or waxing can be painful. This comes handy to maintain a smooth and sensitive skin post-wax session.

Luckily my hair growth isn’t much so I don’t wax much. Only before my Pune visit as I have to attend different meetups. Maybe during festivals or family functions. Read till the end to know about Neud Hair Inhibitor.

What does Neud Hair Inhibitor does actually do? 

  • It is stated to be permanent freedom from frequent hair removal
  • The packaging is super cool and one has used it for storing other products or accessories
  • Helps in restricted hair growth on the desired part of the body
  • This is like a smooth moisturizer which sinks in the skin in no time
  • Super effective and works well
  • It does help one to get freedom from constant hair growth
  • Permanent freedom from frequent freedom hair removal
  • The fragrance is not overpowering and mild like a moisturizer
  • It is a painless technique for unwanted hair growth
  • With regular usage, the frequency of the salon will decrease
NEUD Hair Inhibitor

The only con is it is a bit pricey on the side but worth giving a shot. The results might differ from person-to-person. It might take time for few and for some like me who has less growth it will show results quickly. The packaging is good but the dispenser had spilled during the transit so they should rework with a sealed pack for the tube dispenser or maybe introduce a jar.

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Who and why should one buy this product?

This advanced NEUD Hair Inhibitor is designed for girls/women with massive hair growth. For the ones, scared with monthly painful wax sessions. Last but not least, for girls like me who are super impatient to use hair creams and wait to wipe off with the spatula. This usually takes time but if you just wax and use their cream for the next 5 days this hair growth inhibits to an extent.