Hair oil plays a vital role in every individual’s life. We have certain feelings or moments related to hair oil. I feel super nostalgic when it comes to hair oil. Back in Pune, dad used to do hair champi or tel maalish. I miss those days 😢 Although, we still do the same when I happen to visit Pune.

 I recently cake across Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil. As per Ayurveda, Thumba (Bitter Apple) is proved to stimulate hair growth and help with premature hair greying. 

The ingredients list is so promising with Thumba, Bhringraj, Kranj, Kapoor Kachri ( helps with thicker and shinier hair), Sesame Oil, Mustard Oil.

      Read the experience on thumba wonder hair oil 
  • The hair oil has some unique herbal bitter fragrance. I love the fact that it isn’t overpowering. If you are not used to herbal smell please make sure not to keep this overnight
  • Nothing can work if you aren’t healthy internally. I have re-worked on my busy schedule and have seen the considerate amount of hair growth 
  • I have had hard water issues in Sindhudurg post marriage. Hard water makes hair fall even worse. This hair oil helps me overcome that hair fall nightmares!
  • The hair oil helped with continuous hair fall. I use it twice every week and have seen a considerable decrease in hair loss
  • Bhringraj is like a wonder ingredient and helps to keep dandruff and hair fall at bay. I love bhringraj and have also included it in my haircare routine in the form of powder or oil
Thumba Wonder Hair Oil
  • I cannot say much about the premature hair greying but have planned to check this for mom during my next month Pune trip
  • This is basically like a hair tonic for perfect hair boost 🙂 This, in turn, results in voluminous hair
  • Sesame and Mustard Oil helps to keep hair black and strong. We have been including sesame or mustard in our lives for ages and this oil has proved to be a boon for my hair
  • In conclusion, this hair oil makes my scalp healthy and helps with itchy scalp, added a definite boost of volume to my hair
Some additional tips that might help you combat hair loss or improve hair health. Avoid late-working hours, stress, do not comb your damp hair. If you plan to use a comb use a neem wooden comb which helps for dandruff and constant hair breakage. For damp hair, use an anti-frizz hair mist to avoid hair tangles. Add nuts, proteins and green leafy veggies to your diet. Additionally, choose the right shampoo according to your hair scalp and conditioner as per your hair as a whole. Avoid conditioner on a scalp.

I hope this post helps you in some way. Have Shiny and Voluminous Hair 🙂 You can buy this here.