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A tricky skin type, busy schedule and odd eating hours is a severe situation among every individual. It is totally up to us that how well we tackle this serious concern.

I tried my hands on some magical soaps by two different brands and they work efficiently on two unique skin types:- Oily Sensitive and Acne Prone Skin Type.

Juicy Chemistry Cucumber, Green Tea & Spearmint Soap (For Oily/ Acne Prone Skin –  The soap has a divine fragrance of SPEARMINT ESSENTIAL OIL. It feels like I’m having a chewing gum :p For the first few days, I ended up washing in a certain way that the soap entered my eyes and lead to slight irritation. I have oily sensitive skin type and even my sister who has acne prone skin tried this one. Cucumber is super cooling on the face.

It works efficiently to remove the oiliness on the face and allowing it to moisturize well once you wash the face. It is almost 2 months now I have been using it and the color is drool-worthy, looks earthy at first glance. The soap works perfectly in all seasons. It comes with an organic soap pouch which allows it to dry quickly. 


Earthy Sapo Neem Special Cleansing & Anti-Infective Bathing Soap –  This is a CP soap and super effective on oily and acne prone skin type. Shrutika (my sister) uses it as she has severe acne and dark spots with some blackheads as her nose area has clogged pores.
Neem Soap has settled and calmed her active pimples and restricted her skin to any new zit. Blackheads issue is reduced at an extent, she has some blemishes on her neck, it calmed her that area too. I used it for unexpected zits and trust me it works pretty well. She even ordered two more when she saw a visible difference in her skin. 

Order Earthy Sapo and Juicy Chemistry Soaps. Any favorites from these brands? Please suggest me if any 🙂