It is that time of the year where every girl/woman wants to look like a “Patakha” aka “Firecracker”. We all have different skin types and issues, and we have to plan a routine accordingly. I have curated few important natural ways to get that perfect Pre/ Post-Diwali glow for your face, make sure you grab these from the respective pages or website. This is in no way a “Sponsored Post“, all are few suggestions to achieve that perfect glow for your hair/skin.

Kaolin Clay Powder – Multipurpose powder which can save you even at the last minute. Yes, you read it right it is one perfect ingredient everyone should buy and keep it for last minute for quick fixes.
Skin – Kaolin Clay is a typical white powder clay which sucks the extra oil from your skin and keeps it oil-free for hours. It dries super quick and can be mixed with Tea Tree EO if you have pimples or need a clear-skin. It works best even for Sensitive Skin Type and is superb as a detoxifying mask as it removes all dirt from the skin or hair.

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Hair – We all dream of Frizz-free hair and no oily scalp. I often see every household is filled with chemically laden shampoos or hair cleansers. Kaolin Clay works best as a hair cleanser and requires just water, keep it for nice 5 mins and wash it off. Don’t forget to pamper your hair by adding your EO to the clay, I’ve used it with Tea Tree EO as it keeps dandruff and itchy scalp at bay
Tea Tree Essential Oil – Everyone has hormonal changes in the body, some of them get affected by it and get pimples on the face. Tea Tree is a strong EO and hence it is to be mixed with a carrier oil. I’ve had a great experience with Tea Tree EO
Skin – One can use it as a spot treatment for active acne without rubbing it all over. Use 1 to 2 drops in any face mask.
Hair – Use 2 drops in a hair mask and get rid of itchy scalp and dandruff.
Diwali Glow

Pic Courtesy – Blend It Raw Apothecary Website

Buy it from Blend It Raw Apothecary.
Earthy Sapo Soaps – Ditch the age-old commercial Soaps and buy this foam-free soaps. My pick from them is Neem Soap for Acne and Oily skin type. Milky and Mint for bathing soap. Reetha Shampoo Bar, Shikakai and Multani, Baby soft bathing soap and Floral Scrubby soap.
Traditional Pure Ubtans and Hair pack– Yami Herbals Body Polishing Scrub is a beautiful soft ubtan scrub. Their face pack is superb for each skin type. Super soft on the skin and no trace of chemicals.

Yami Herbals Hair Pack – Ditch the normal paraben-laden shampoo and use this hair care powder for a good hair day.
Essential Oil – Lavender EO for sound sleep for the stress-free Diwali or post-Diwali relaxation. It induces sound sleep. Just spread a few drops on your pillow or blanket and have a sound sleep.
Organic Incense Sticks – Ward off mosquitoes for an aromatic evening which ultimately leads to a healthy glow on the face. There are brands who have introduced some lovely incense sticks which are filled with aromatic essential oils.
Few go to face or hair powder which is handy for almost every situation are Neem, Tulsi, Aloe Vera, Jamun, Licorice Powder for hair and skin too. These are easily available on Amazon.