Goa is a one-stop destination for a social media detox and some de-stressing moments. We often end up booking a hotel room near a beach and enjoy the sunrise/sunset from the balcony view else with the brisk walk. There are times when we need that privacy to spend time with our loved ones or family, this is truly missing when one books an apartment near a beach or has to adjust at crowded beaches.

Secluded beaches, private pool, and the luxurious private villa are trending in Goa these days. One can rent, buy or stay for a long vacation in any type of villa. Some of us prefer hygienic and homemade food too, a private villa comes with a spacious kitchen, barbeque, and a refrigerator. Introverts can now enjoy in their private pool attached with the villa and wear any swimming outfit. Small rooms and apartments at times need to be adjusted with extra bed or mattress when you plan with a joint family or big group. For villas, one can always get a separate 2 or 3bhk bedroom where everyone can sleep peacefully. Open air jacuzzi is one thing which is added as a special surprise in villas these days.

Tourists are usually on the North Goa side as it has ample amount of sea or beach-facing shacks/houses and variety of nightclubs. On the other hand, South Goa is mostly calm and silent with the lesser crowd. I am just 2 hours away from Goa and always visit the North Goa part, South Goa is always on my list forever. It is the best for a peaceful detoxifying vacation and one can have some good me time and good family time as well.


The best time to visit Goa is from October to March and it is high from December to February. Monsoon is off-season here as the water currents are high and it is risky to go on the beaches due to high tides. October month starts with a clean pristine blue ocean and monsoon the beaches have red soil accumulation due to heavy rains and water currents.

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