My love for skincare has led me to explore many exciting organic skincare brands. There’s a certain phase to try out or love any brand. This is a natural tendency with all fellow skincare enthusiasts to gravitate towards new brands. This doesn’t negate the importance of maintaining a healthy skin barrier, and responsible experimentation is always key.

Earth Rhythm is an ECOCERT, cruelty-free, dermatologist-approved formula.I feel lucky to have tried all interesting organic skincare brands as a part of my love for skincare. I’ve seen this organic skincare brand back when they sold majorly with same prices and now they have sales almost every other month making it affordable to everyone. A brand that kept me hooked for several months was Earth Rhythm.

Organic Skincare

Coming back to Earth Rhythm now, I’ve tried their Beetroot Lip Masque once on my aesthetician friend’s suggestion and it is the best thing ever! I’ve lost the count of repurchase :p For first few days, the texture and feel might feel different so apply this during night time and wake up with super moisturised lips next morning. That’s the first time how I feel for this organic skincare brand!

Other best thing that I love using is their eco-friendly reusable makeup remover pad, it works well for removing stubborn water-proof makeup efforteslly. Additionally I use it for removing my clay face masks ๐Ÿ™‚ Their lip and cheek tint with Ahoy there is the best if you have soft lips as I did not see it work for moisturising effect, I feel maybe a little lip scrub before applying this will help tackle the situation. Ideally it should be gentle lip scrub, light lip balm (apply super lightly), and lastly top the the tint, it is perfect for no makeup look and has SPF 30 in it ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve tried their Lip Balm & Cheek Tint with SPF30 – Ahoy There, Phyto-ceramide deep moisturizer, eco-friendly reusable makeup remover pad, Shikakai, Reetha, Amla and Curry leaf shampoo bar, and Phyto-Clear Moisturizer. The Phyto-ceramide deep moisturizer is a boon for dry skin beauties so don’t forget to pick this beauty! Their shampoo bars are a hit too but I feel this variant was okay in my case, don’t really remember so did not review it too. I would love to try their bath range like lotions, body yogurt, and butter cream soaps (they have good reviews).

What do you think of Earth Rhythm as a organic skincare brand? Did you try any of the above products?

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