Hair Removing Creams are ruling the world these days. Super quick, mess-free and easy on the pockets too. We all have tried hair removing creams. I came across this interesting brand that also happens to have Creme Hair Remover, specifically for Bikini Line. Everteen Hair Remover is to be used for sensitive parts like the bikini line and underarms. In the past, I have used hair removing creams that have a strong fragrance or which comes with just a spatula. Everteen tube comes with a soft coin-sized cotton towel for ease.

For newbies –  You can try it with ease. I would suggest use it for underarms before trying the bikini line. This will help you to gain confidence 🙂 for the latter process. Wash and wipe the underarms. Gently apply Everteen Creme Hair Remover with the help of the spatula. Keep it for 5 mins or more as per necessity. I would say 5 mins is enough as it does its job pretty quick and sensitive area needs just 5mins of application. Wipe off the creme with the spatula or the coin-sized towel provided. I usually wash off after this process. One can use a damp towel or the one in this kit as it is super soft. The same procedure can be followed for the bikini line. 

Everteen Creme Bikini Line Hair Remover
The only con I found was the ingredients list as they contain preservatives and artificial fragrance. Although, this doesn’t irritate the skin or darken the skin color by any mean. I feel they have not kept the ingredients list secret and have mentioned it on the tube too. I say this today because I recently come across re-sellers and brands which sell some wax powder with hidden harmful ingredients in them. Many of them fall prey to such scams and this had a bad effect on their body parts which lead to skin darkening or triggered the sensitivity. It is very important to choose every product wisely!  I love the fact they have included Natural Chamomile Extract in this creme as underarms and bikini are the most sensitive parts and this extract helps it to balance the skin sensitivity by every mean. The fragrance is not overpowering so a thumbs-up for sensitive nose people like me 🙂 Super smooth and mess-free experience as it works for ingrowth and razor bumps too. It was an overall pleasant experience and one must purchase this product.

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Everteen is a trusted brand. This Creme Hair Remover is for Rs.149. Without a single thought on the mind do check this creme. If you are tired of razors, wax, epilators, or shaving creams purchase this hair removing creme.

Tip – Do not use harsh fabrics to wash off or rub the underarms or bikini line. No need to shave after this process. One should not use harsh soaps or rub the underarms or bikini line as those are the most sensitive parts and can lead to irritation resulting in rashes.