Sharing the first set of simplest DIY’s to be tried at home. I’m in love with diy’s since beginning as they turn out magically awesome with super simple tricks and yes the satisfaction goes at it’s peak as its handmade, especially the paper and plastic DIY’s 😍 These are easily available at home 🙂

Decorative Plastic

Materials to be used:-

  • Old used Plastic Bottle
  • Cutter
  • Hot Iron Base
  • Colorful or simple threads
  • Satin Ribbons
  • Glitter Pens
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Incense Stick


So we start off with cutting the bottle’s last part to get a flowery shape. Now use a hot iron (not very hot) to just smoothen the edges for a fine flower shape. Use different soda coloured bottles like blue , white and green. Now paint the bottles with some acrylic paints +glitter pens (if you have a kid, this is super awesome way to make them love painting shapes). With a help of a burning incense stick make small holes to attach the threads/satin ribbons to the plastic ends.

  • This can be used to hang on big Christmas trees or any other tree in the garden
  • Use it as a hanging toy for your kids in the living room or their bedroom
  • Accordingly you can make 2 holes on single bottle end and make colorful wall hanging
  • It can be used to make a beautiful photo frame. E.g Cut small plastic end (Flower-like base) & make a flower design by placing 3 to 5 together & then paint them according to the theme and get it framed
  1. Beautiful wind-chimes – Same as the above here you can use the upper half of the bottle for the get desired shapes for wind chimes(long/short)
  • For wind chimes same procedure can be followed with different theme. For eg. Tribal, Floral or Warli Print coloring can be done, here the end shouldn’t be too flat. Instead cut the top portions or the bottle in half
  • Use the upper portion and color them along with the lids
  • Now  make a small hole so as to let a thread pass through the bottle
  • Paint different sized cut bottles and use the thread accordingly (long/short) depending upon the length of the wind-chime
  • You can also color the simple thread & add glitter effect by the glitter pens as per requirement
  • This can be hung with the help of a old CD. Color the CD with the same theme so that it camouflages the mirror part. Stick all the strings with fevicol or make holes & make knots on the top of the CD
  • Small Tip – Instead of coloring the bottle you can use colorful patterned Washi tapes available in the market
  1. Snacky Plastic -Now store your share of favvy snack away from your siblings with this simple DIY. Use the lower base of the bottle. Decorate it with beads/mirrors/acrylic paints/threads/strong rope to stick to the bottle. Stick them & color the rope with some paints. Now you can use it to keep some sweets or snacks & hide it near your own shelf in the bedroom.
  2. Cereal Stock storage – We use plastic bags which is a total no from my end. However instead of throwing them use it in a better way. To make them air tight like the containers, use the bottle lid and the remaining half just a bit below the lid . Tuck in the plastic store the cereal & cover that with the lid. Tadaa this makes it air-tight. Super-quick and best.
  3. Stationery Stand – If you are a kind-of crafty, make sure this is kept on your desk. Super quick and gathers all attention on the board ♠ Cut the bottle in half & use it directly by using hot iron to make the surface smooth. Add some Washi tapes & stick them to make shapes on the bottle. You can color the bottles as well & decorate them with beads or sequins for your baby girl 🙂