I have been a Puneite forever 🙂 but my roots are always in Sindhudurg (Konkan). Coconut is a staple ingredient here is in all our dishes. This adds a different level of richness and thickness to the food. I have never made any non-vegetarian dish by myself nor tried making anything. After marriage, things changed and got shifted to Konkan (Heaven for SEAFOOD LOVERS) and this was a hint for making non-veg dishes 😜 Nitin plays an important role in my life. His positivity and approach towards life are commendable 😇 So, whenever it is non-veg at home he takes the responsibility of cleaning it and I prepare food. Recently made Prawns Curry and Nitin couldn’t stop praising me the whole day and this made me share the recipe with you all.

Prawns Curry

The reason why Malvani food is famous is that of the subtle and balanced taste. This allows the kids to enjoy Malvani delicacies as they aren’t spicy. P.S. This is the reason why all IT professionals come for a detox break in Konkan and Goa (Eat Seafood and Roam on Beaches).

Ingredients – Prawns, Grated Coconut (Fresh or Dry), Ginger, Coriander, Malvani Masala, Onion, and Potato. This masala is available almost everywhere but please make sure you purchase it from a local shop during Goa or Konkan visit. It would add the authentic taste for sure.

Prawns Cleaning – Remove outer shell and it has a black thread like intestine (not really sure) structure inside just pull it and wash them. It takes time to clean prawns so be patient. Wash it thrice and drain the water, add 1tbspn salt to the prawns and 1/2 tbspn lime water and keep it aside. Tip – After washing hands with hot lime water, rub lemon as well to get rid of the raw smell. 

Procedure for Coconut Mixture – Take a tawa or pan. Add a little oil and long chopped onions fry until light brown and repeat the same for grated coconut. Fry it together and let it cool for some time. Now add fried onions and coconut, small ginger piece, a pinch of Malvani Masala, and some fresh coriander. Make a fine paste and keep it aside.


The Curry Preparation – Take a kadhai add little oil (Malvani Dishes require less oil and any age individual can have it with love, unlike other spicy dishes), add chopped half onion. Fry for some time and now add potato cubes to this, stir it till the potato turns slightly brown and now add prawns to this. Note – The prawns turn light orange in color after they cook (take less time to cook). Immediately add 1tbspn Malvani masala for that perfect taste with little water to enhance the masala and the coconut mixture in the end. Add the excess coconut mixture with water if required. Simmer for like 5 to 7mins. Serve this with a fresh coriander sprig. Note – You can add fresh coconut milk too, this would make the curry thick for sure.

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Tofu for vegan options 🙂 Do you love Prawns? Any favorite Prawns Recipe, do comment below.


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