All of us tend to eat junk food at some point in our lives. I visited this small for some quick snacks with Nitin. Read my experience with the fast-food joint. One Bite is like the 1st ever fast-food chain in Kudal. I was really excited to try their food.

Ambiance – Small space with good music. It is a self-service joint but the uncle served the food. The cash counter girl was unaware of small things like penne or spaghetti. When I asked her about the pasta type she got confused and said it has veggies and all. It took almost 10mins from the kitchen team to confirm the pasta type. The place catches all attention as it is one of it’s kind of a food chain joint. Located in a calm area behind Nakshatra Tower this place is usually best during the night as I felt it was less crowded.

One Bite Kudal

Things we ordered – Veg Classic Pizza, French Fries, and Spicy Cottage Pasta

Veg Classic Pizza – I’ve had Pizza almost everywhere in Pune, Mumbai, and Goa. I had high expectations from this place but however I felt it quite mediocre. The pizza is a normal fluffy base, the base was super oily and the toppings were quite okay. Again, this is a chain restaurant so the recipes might be quite similar for all restaurants. However, it is a good option for your fast food hunger pangs.

French Fries – Normal potato fries and it is like our all-time favorite

Spicy Cottage Pasta – This was tangy and had a lot of cheese in it. Anyway, we relished this dish as I love pasta as always.

One Bite Kudal

One Bite Kudal is like a new spot to hang out with your friends. If you happen to travel from Kudal to Malvan. I will visit it again to have something in the non-vegetarian category and waffles off course 🙂 Tell me your favorite snack from One Bite in the comments below.

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