A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost -Marion C. Garretty

Hello Guys. It’s been few days all beautiful bloggers are planning an amazing series of #festiveblogging. I’m glad to be a part of the group and would give some ideas for Raksha Bandhan gift to be gifted if you have a sister πŸ˜‰.

I’m happy to have my younger sister who is an inspiration to me.I still recollect those days when she fell down from my neighbor’s bed and her front milk teeth were stuck in the upper lip. She was merely 5yrs old (don’t remember exact), her teeth were normal, but this time they resembled just like bunny teeth. We had to take her for braces treatment. Now it was undertaken by Command Hospital as my dad was Ret. Army Havaldar.

First half was all done under a trained dentist and was quite well. However, the second half included some trainee dentist & the disaster started after this. Another dentist came as new posting & the case was now handled by him. He tried correcting the previous case removing the braces & hurting her more with same procedure all over again.

So she’s all fine now without braces πŸ˜‡πŸ˜ happy with the results. It took this procedure almost 8yrs which is a big thing for us. So let’s hop into the actual motive of our content before I start with a new story πŸ˜‰. This post would surely help you all in deciding perfect Raksha Bandhan gifts for your sister. I have younger sister who’s around 20. Now each time one decides a gift it should be relevant to her age and would off-course get benefited with it. This should be our main motive. Ideas for age group 15 to 30 yrs.

Creative Cards

Doodles are trend in the art world. A single illustration can change your mood. Neha Doodles is one such individual who proves instant change in the mood fact true for her audience who is totally exhausted with day-to-day routine or work stress. Please check her Insta Handle , store to purchase some amazing work by her, FB Page & free wallpaper gallery. She’s from “Yeh Delhi Hai Mere Yaar”.


I love recently ordered a goodie for my sister Shrutica as Neha had introduced some cartoon cards for Raksha Bandhan. (Cartoon aur mera bachpan ka naata hai, infact me and Shrutica always watch Shinchan & Doraemon when together). After a short conversation Neha told me she can make slight change in the card from brother to sister, I was very happy hearing it as this was the first ever customized cartoon card for her.

Isn’t this super cute. The team behind Neha Doodles is very hardworking. If you are not following her yet trust me you are missing the actual fun. Her insta-stories are just hilarious + full of inspiration and everyday jokes.

VR & G Recommends – You can order some amazing doodle cards for your sister’s specifically as she works on customization as per requirement which is the best part. Handmade with love is her main motive so please make sure you give her ideas and trust me she will make use most of it with her work. She also designs logo, illustrative creatives, publications, book cover, blog design and headers.

Energy Stones Rakhi cum Bracelet

I am a kind of person who tries including different yet unique things. Then came across a handle on Instagram wildflowerbyrashmigandhi. Rashmi works with natural stones & crystals for healing properties & she customizes as per the person and energy needs.

Something about Rashmi – Her art speaks for her in her beautiful pieces to be adorned for any occasion. She’s multi-faceted individual & has the following feathers to her wings.Β ~ Natural Jewellery ~ Meditation πŸ•Šβœ¨ Reiki Master ~ Shamanic Practitioner Shakti Explorer ~

This is what I chose for Shrutica πŸ™‚ These are so pretty and can be worn everyday , she absolutely loved it!

VR & G Recommends – Rashmi works with passion, her minute detailing and information about crystals is worth listening. She creates magic while creating each piece. One can order neck pieces, earrings or bracelets and she has infinite list of choices available for sister’s.


Art. Craft. Handcraft. Handcrafted by girl duo Priya and Sumedha. Polite & listens to everything, beautiful artwork with calligraphy. They also do customization. Located in Delhi. Follow them on Instagram.

This is what I ordered for my new house πŸ™‚ A quote which will inspire us each day after we wake up! P.s. This will surely get a new look after a frame.

VR & G Recommends – The girl duo works each day for delivering happiness at your doorstep.We suggest product range from cards, bookmarks, notebooks, phone cases, diaries and everything customized. The posters painted can be framed and gifted to your loved ones.
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Hope you all love the above posts & suggestions for sister gifts. Happy Reading to all πŸ™‚