Beautiful views, clean villages, and serene beaches! Isn’t that a perfect combination? I will list a few unknown yet amazing villages of Sindhudurg. Make sure to stay or visit these during your next Konkan visit.

Walawal:- This is a village near Karli River. It is full of coconut and betel nut trees. Walaval being near to a River is always cold and every evening around 5 to 6 pm it turns nice cold around.

Nerur:- This village has famous temple “Kaleshwar”. Famous Marathi Serial “Gaav Gaata Gazali” was shot in this village for most of the scenes.

Mhapan:- This is a small serene village and has super fresh fish market where local fisher women sell fresh catches. Every Sunday is a Bazaar Day and has some fresh local organic vegetables.

Kalse:- This village has a scenic Nerurpar Bridge which has Karli river flowing below it. There are 3 to 4 local women and men who sell some really good fresh pesticide-free vegetables and fruits. Mumbaikars often buy stuff on their way to Mumbai from Malvan.


Devgad:- We all know Devgad Haapus is world-famous. Kunkeshwar Temple and the beaches are worth visiting in Devgad.

Sawantwadi:- This is a city. Spend an evening with your loved one at the Moti Talav. Wooden toys or any customised wooden piece is famous in Sindhudurg. It is often termed as “Lakdi Khelnicha Shahar”

Vengurla:- This taluka place is located on the coasts of Sindhudurg. Famous for fish and cashews. Do visit the Vengurla Bandar and visit incredible sunset.

Malvan:- This is world-wide famous for Anganewadi Devi. Popular beaches are Devbaug and Tarkarli. This place is favorite among tourists for water-sports and scuba diving. Sindhudurg Fort gains popularity from every corner of the world.

Kudal:- This is a developing city and capital of Sindhudurg (Oros). Rangnagad Fort is well-known in Kudal. Dreamland Garden gained popularity in Kudal, Sindhudurg recently. This is one of it’s kind in Sindhudurg with rain dance, boating and water sports.


Have you come across any of these villages or city during your Sindhudurg Tour?