Every corner of the world is famous for specific food delicacies to be tried and tasted. Everywhere one cannot find Pizza and Burgers but they can surely explore the local cuisine of that particular city/state/country.

Sindhudurg is famous for Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian and yummy Seafood dishes. I will mention a few food delicacies one can try during Konkan visit. If you love the suggestions bookmark it or send this post across to your friends and family πŸ™‚

Rice is a staple ingredient in Sindhudurg hence mostly all dishes revolves around Rice. To top this every area has small local restaurants which serve healthy homemade meal. If you love junk this place isn’t for you guys :p

Ghavane and Usal:- A classic dish made in every house. Ghavane is basically crepe dosa or neer dosa. Served with usal or coconut chutney. If you have a local friend or local known restaurant they will serve nice thick or medium thick chutney, many of them add water to increase the proportion. Green Peas, Beans, Kulith, Black Vatane, and Mixed Vegetables(Kurma).

Dhondhas or KhasKhasa:- It is a classic sweet dish which takes a lot of time but worth giving a try. Khaskhasa consists of Cucumber, Rawa, Sugar, and Groundnuts and many different ingredients. Please let me know if you want a detailed recipe for this one.The cucumber is big and called “Tawsaa”

Shirwale:- Made with Rice or Nachni/Ragi flour. These are fresh healthy noodles. Served with sweet coconut and jaggery.


Kulith Pithi:- This is the best kadi ever. Just like Punjabi Kadhi Chawal this stands out for Sindhudurg. Kulit is a sprout and famous for Usal. A best simple and healthy delicacy for vegetarians πŸ™‚

Bangada Tikla or Suke Mase:- Seafood lovers must try seafood variants from Bangada Tikla, Crab Curry or Khekda Curry, Tisre or Mussels, Pomfret, Dried Prawns, Fish or Bombil. These are mus-haves with rice or bhakri.

Kaju Usal or Movalo:- April to June has cashews in Sindhudurg. Two variants to be tried are Kaju Usal or Curry and Movalo a sweet variant of Cashew.

Ukadiche Modak:- This is my favorite! Mother-in-law makes these just for me πŸ™‚ Made with rice flour, fresh coconut, and jaggery. I’ve tried making it once and failed severely πŸ™ Must try option from a local or restaurants.

Do let me know if you want any recipes for the above mentioned food delicacies πŸ™‚ I will add individual posts for my readers soon.