We try to find peace everywhere. It is very important to divert our minds and relax at some super serene place. Sindhudurg has many hidden spots which are picturesque and serene at the same time. I love to visit Walawal as it kind of allows me to forget all worries and throw away negativity in the clean air 🙂

This place is not visible from the roads of Walawal. It is slightly inside in the lanes and exactly opposite the Laxmi Narayan Temple Road. One of the best spots for boating in the backwaters. It has a beautiful island inside on the right which is home for monkeys and different bird species. Isn’t this like a movie scene? Well, if you visit this place you will experience the same 🙂

The island is situated on the Karli River in Walawal. In olden days, the only option to travel was via boat from Walawal to Kalse, Malvan. In the current scenario, Nerurpar Bridge is a road alternative for Malvan.

Experience the magic!

What can one do at the Karli River in Walawal? There is a single boatman who takes people for a round or to drop on the other side meaning Kalse area. One has to wait if he is on the other side. With a local whistle or signal, he comes to the Walawal side to pick tourists or locals. In olden days he charged around 2 bucks but now it is around 10 to 30 bucks for going on other side and seeing the natural island on the Karli River. Listen to the birds chirping and the amazing nature voices during the small boat trip.

The famous movie “Shwaas” has shot one of their scenes here and a Marathi movie Deva for the Dashavatar shot. I’ve never been to this boat trip or island as I’m aquaphobic. Nitin did visit the other end with his cousins once. This is a must visit location for all nature lovers and photographers 🙂 If you ever visit this place do tag me and let me know.