Home has a very special place in everyone’s life. You pour your heart and soul into building it with love. These days modern homes are built with two major factors – comfort and aesthetics. Choosing the right products is essential. The overall design and structure are important for exterior and interior appearance. However, the bathroom is a place where we spend most of our time these days. With the current sedentary lifestyle, bathrooms in every house are mostly occupied and we tend to spend time browsing the overall world on our mobile phones. Ori-Plast chromium-plated bathroom fittings are the newest addition to renovating your bathrooms. Ori-Plast is one of the trusted and finest manufacturers in India.

All About Ori-Plast

Ori-Plast is in the pipe industry for the past 50 years and is true to its tagline – ‘Life Lines … not just Pipe Lines’. They have a great quality range of PE and PVC Pipes, uPVC and cPVC Pipes, and Agricultural and Drip Irrigation Pipes. Along with these are many other pipes available for telecom, water, drainage, gas, etc. 

Why choose Ori-Plast?

  • They provide reliable and qualitative products in an affordable range for bathroom fittings.
  • They have a thorough R&D team to produce, accomplish the quality-control, and deliver efficient products.
  • Ori-plast is a pioneer in the pipe industry with several accolades and recognition in the industry. 
  • A wide range of products is used in commercial buildings, hospitals, industrial areas, hotels, swimming pools, small and large residential areas, and RO & DM water plants.

The newest launch has been a hit among everyone. Especially during the pandemic times, they launched a new range of bathroom fittings. With decades of experience in the field, they have delivered a huge variety of products with overall customer satisfaction. The newest launch of Ori-Plast chromium-plated bathroom fittings is a perfect option for a modern and aesthetic bathroom experience.

We have curated a list of important aspects for that aesthetic bathroom feel. Let us know which one you keep in mind while renovating the bathroom or planning to build a new one. 

Ori-Plast chromium-plated bathroom fittings

Plan space – Define and illustrate a place for the shower area, wash basin, and toilet area. This helps with perfect space management and adds value to the bathroom. A congested space will only add negativity, whereas a sorted area will add positive vibes.

Add aesthetic elements – A good mural wallpaper on a wall will enhance the overall look of a boring bathroom. Include a leaf mural, tropical leaves, or floral wallpaper.

Classy mirror – Round mirrors are quite trending these days. Pivot mirrors are perfect for the bathroom. They are ideal for bathrooms and can be added in rectangle or square shapes as well.

Quality bathroom fittings and good plumbing – The base of a good house needs a good bathroom. Ori-Plast has cPVC which has zero maintenance, these are perfectly used for water supply systems. These pipes are tough and have UV resistance. Other than that high tensile uPVC Pipes from Ori-Plast are ideal for any high-impact plumbing and these do not corrode. Additionally for all leak-proof plumbing the UPVC solvent cement acts as a hero bond to keep everything in place. This is why a good plumber and qualitative fittings go hand in hand.

Overall add Ori-Plast products for a seamless experience in the house and enhance the look with bathroom fittings. These range in different sizes and designs to match the bathroom. They are mostly silver n color with chrome plating with polished finishing. The connection can be floor or wall-mounted. Check out the range of chromium-plated bathroom fittings on the website for more details. Talk to an expert to know more or discuss bathroom fittings.