Ethnic wear is always in trend, but with the festive season just around the corner, it is genuinely time to shine. If you love dressing up in your most beautiful traditional clothes to make your festivals just that much more special, you surely appreciate the importance of the right hairstyle. A classic hair style is all you need to add the oomph factor to any ethnic look and transform it into one no one will soon forget. 

There is no better time than now to start preparing to put your most fashionable foot forward every day, so listed below are 6 extremely cute hairstyles you can try out with your outfits at home!

1. Buns: Starting with just about the easiest, buns are extremely simple to pull off and will take next to no time. You can style your hair in a quick messy updo by just gathering it up into a ponytail and securing it into a bun until it is secure but not too tight. Now, pick out a few strands of hair to make it look messy and secure the rest with bobby pins. 
2. Half Up Half Down: This is a hairstyle you cannot go wrong with, so make sure to do this quick look the next time you don an ethnic outfit. You must simply brush your hair until it is free of knots and part it wherever you want. Next, take equal strands of hair from both sides and secure them together at the back of your head. 
3. Fishtail Braid: This can be intimidating, but with some practice and focus, you’ll have it down to a tee. Start by separating your hair into equal sections down the middle. Now, take a small section of your hair from the left side and bring it across to the underside of your right section. Repeat this action with your right side, and braid tightly. Next, alternate between the two and secure the braid with a rubber band at the end. 
Hair style
4. Waves with Cornrows: This is another effortless hairstyle similar to the half up, half down. Part your hair down the middle and make neat cornrows on both sides of your head. Take these two to the back of your head and secure them with a pin. Add embellishments and hair accessories to elevate this hairstyle.
5. Side Swept Hair: Nothing beats the classic open-hair look so you can opt for this variation of the same. Apply some heat protectant on your hair and roll sections of it around a curler, and pull the device off vertically for soft curls. Sweep your hair over one shoulder and rock this look with your favorite outfit. 
6. Sleek/Messy Ponytail: Lastly, this is another timeless hairstyle that will look amazing with any outfit. Just brush your hair and go for a middle partition. Apply small amounts of gel on each side and slowly comb it into a sleek, low ponytail. 

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