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The most scenic waterfalls in Sindhudurg is Amboli which is located right within the Amboli Ghat and is active during the monsoon season. People visit this waterfall from every corner. It feels like heaven during monsoon in Amboli it is one of the best “Eco Hot-Spots” with exclusive flora and fauna in the world. This ghat further ends in Sawantwadi and is a shortcut to Goa if don’t take the Gaganbawda Route..

Every city/state has a unique waterfall, this is known as “Hill Station of Sindhudurg”. The water flow is untouched, there are few additions to this falls like for easy access they have built a firm staircase and one can click pictures relaxing or standing in front of these falls.

Amboli Waterfalls

This place is also filled with different food stalls. One should visit Amboli Waterfalls once in a lifetime! The experience is surreal. Must try options hot corn, vada pav onion fritter, and tea. People often come here in large groups and enjoy at this falls. One would be awestruck to see the greenery in this area.

Amboli has high rainfalls hence there are many small waterfalls on the way where one can wait and click pictures. Please ensure to drive safe as it is mostly foggy in this area during monsoons.

Check places to visit in Monsoon

One small request for everyone who visits this place. Please make sure to drop every single piece of paper in a dustbin or box. Note – One can see monkeys around in this area, please make sure they are safe as many kids/adults try to hit them or throw litter on them. They often try to come to food joints area in search of food so one can also give them food. I feel this is like a vicious cycle, we have been trying to progress by every mean and forget the forests are destroyed for development. The wild animals stay in forests and it is their only shelter which we are slowly taking away from them.
Amboli Waterfalls