We live in a world where female foeticide and dowry still takes part in some parts of the country. Not only the poor or uneducated family but even educated families support this bad cause to date. There are many of us who stand against and fight back for such deeds and few of us who keep numb. It is high time we gather courage and fight against such activities.

Bhausaheb Bhawar, a man who left everything behind to educate people and create awareness. A 45yr old man who travels nationwide on a cycle. He is from Hasnabad, District – Jalna, Maharashtra. He talks about:-

  1. National Integration
  2. Eradication of Dowry
  3. Female Foeticide
  4. Anti-Drugs

This all started when his elder sister had to face dowry because of her inlaws during the marriage. Life took a sudden turn and he took a stand against all this. Started his journey on a cycle on 1st May 1993 to 2006 – 3rd time and from 1st Jan 2007 – 4th time and this is his 5th Time All India Tour. He feels every woman should take a stand against this irrelevant request for dowry from her inlaws.

Bhausaheb Bhawar
Sayali Milind Maharao from Dream Ride an enthusiast cyclist shared this image with Bhausaheb Sir recently on her Facebook Page.
We have a comfort zone today and a bed or family to keep aside our daily worries at night. Bhausaheb is not yet married and is on a beautiful mission to protect our future generation or educate the orthodox generation. Bhausaheb has kept all his personal dreams aside and is set to encourage individuals around by educating them on these serious issues prevalent in our society. The college-age where we youngsters enjoy our days and have fun with our friends was the same age when he was set out on this mission. He travels by cycle because it is easy to travel to the remotest village.

Bhausaheb Bhawar uses no mobile phone, he travels every day and sleeps in the temple or any areas in a village. He is mostly on a liquid diet and pure vegetarian. This man is full of confidence, super down-to-earth and clear with this mission for India. If you happen to meet him, please wait and have a word with this man. He is currently in Pune so Puneties do check out!

I feel so proud to write about this nobleman, thank you to dad because of whom I chose to write on this topic. Grand Salute from VRAG and team 🙂

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Offline – Dad informed me about him as he had some special visit to his workplace in Pune.

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