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Dressing up is like an Art. Not everyone does it well. We try our level best to keep up the dressing game strong but, trust me clothes can never define any individual. I came across an interesting account on Instagram. Zack MacLeod Pinsent is our second extraordinary individual from Brighton. He wears Regency style clothing and has that superpower to stitch it all by himself 🙂

The world is running towards adapting new trends and inculcating them in our day-to-day lives but are we really satisfied following that particular trend? Does that give us a temporary or permanent sense of satisfaction? Analyze this yourself and go for the so-called “NEW Trend”. I have been a firm adherent of carrying something comfortable instead of buying something which looked good on my friend on the store mannequin.

Zack MacLeod Pinsent is just 25 yrs old and works hard to stand out in the crowd. He burnt his jeans when he was 14 and started loving ancient historical outfits. Zack is so full of confidence and positive approach. Usually walks around the lanes of Brighton in the self-designed outfits with confidence and poise 🙂

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Zack not only designs and stitches outfits for himself, but he also offers custom tailoring services to his clients. He specializes in Georgian and Regency outfits from the 1660s to 1920s for men and women. The best part is their transparency on sustainability. Use of natural local fabrics from the UK and Europe.

Zack shows us to be clear with our resolutions. He had uncommon opinions but made sure to turn them into reality. Have you done something similar in your lives? Let me know in the comment section below.

Zack surely redefines the meaning of Historical Fashion Outfits with the modern twist.
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