Carrots play an important role in our lives. We all talk about healthy eating habits. Many of us don’t realize the urge to include the same in our skincare or haircare routine. Did you know carrot has beta carotene that helps to make the skin glow? It also makes the aging slow and hence adds that glow to your skin. Carrots are great antioxidants. It is rich in Vit A, B, C, and K. This makes it a must-have ingredient in the kitchen pantry. NEUD has made it possible to add carrots seeds every day to our skin and hair care routine. NEUD carrot seed care range includes face wash, hydrating lotion, shampoo, and conditioner. 

Let’s see more about these products and their benefits for our skin and hair. 

NEUD Carrot Seed Face Wash – We all know by now the importance of face wash. My early morning starts with a face wash. It helps to remove all the grime and oily face. 

Price & Quantity – Rs.480 for 300ml bottle

The carrot seed face wash ensures to give your skin a nice radiant effect. It helps with slowing down the aging process. This helps with smooth and youthful skin. It restores the freshness of the skin. 

Carrot Seed
NEUD Carrot Seed Hydrating Lotion – I’ve seen dry-skinned people struggle with everyday hydration. Skin needs enough moisture to make it soft and supple. Dry skin often ages before oily skin. It also causes wrinkles hence it is important to add that boost of hydration and moisturization. Adding a good hydrating lotion makes sure to help all of the above things. 

Price & Quantity – Rs.520 for 300ml

The hydrating lotion can be used as a base under makeup. It is said to add that flawless and plump look to the face.

Carrot Seed
NEUD Carrot Seed Hair Shampoo – Finding a good shampoo is a task these days. Especially if you want the hair roots to get strong.

Price & Quantity – Rs.512 for 300ml 

Carrot Seed

The carrot seed shampoo makes sure to give you shiny and strong hair. It helps in the circulation well on the scalp to grow strong hair from the roots. It assures to suit all hair types from curly, wavy, and straight as well. Rich in Vitamin A, the beta carotene gives hair shine and softness. Fenugreek is a star ingredient that helps in maintaining scalp dandruff. Aloe Vera Extract is one ingredient that suits almost all skin and hair types. The sticky gel does wonder to give you those detangles tresses. Overall every ingredient helps the hair to strengthen from the roots with added shine and bounce.

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NEUD Carrot Seed Hair Conditioner – Conditioner plays an important role to make the hair manageable. The carrot seed conditioner helps to add shine to the tresses. Complete the hair care routine and use conditioner as the last step to add the shine and detangle them. Meadowfoam Oil locks moisture in the hair. It tames the unwanted hair frizz.

Price & Quantity – Rs.488 for 300ml

Carrot Seed
Every product takes time to show results so please be patient. Skincare and haircare are just an additional step towards healthy skin and hair. Our body is always the way we treat it, so what goes in shows up on the face. Eating junk most of the time will add those pesky pimples. Just applying good products won’t work alone. A healthy lifestyle, good diet, proper sleep should be taken into consideration. All of the above products are unisex so you can share them with your brother or husband. The best part of them is they come in a pump bottle. They even send a free water-resistant zipper pouch. These make them travel-friendly and mess-free too.
I hope the article helps you grab these affordable carrot seed variant products 🙂

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