There is a right time for everything. I discovered some great crystal sellers on Instagram at the beginning of 2019. It’s often said that there is a calling from crystals. There are several ways to purchase a certain crystal and Google offers plenty of detailed information like where to put the crystals once you receive them so I won’t add any specifics in this article but it should help you get started! This list of my favorite crystals has helped me through professional and personal life journeys, especially during the pregnancy phase.

I always consider three things when it comes to crystal shopping. I trust my intuition, pay attention to what attracts me the most, and I use them based on their chakra for healing purposes. The first thing any novice should do is go with the flow when it comes to crystal picking. Find crystals that attract you the most; after all, they’re meant to be magical! Crystals are used as a form of alternative therapy so they can help in times of stress or pain. Most crystals help add positive energy to your body while others have healing properties for certain chakras – but only if you believe in them!

Check these crystals that have helped me throughout these years.

  • Rose Quartz & Rainbow Moonstone – Probably the most adorable combination and my favorite. Rose quartz is a self-love stone. Strong love energy.
  • Citrine – The best crystal to attract money and abundance. The gorgeous yellow will attract you quickly!
  • Green Aventurine – The luck and opportunity stone. Heals the heart chakra.
  • Black Lava Beads – It helps with anger issues and super grounding crystal. Connects with mother nature and is super calming in nature.

I use a few more but these are my personal favorites. The easiest way to connect with crystals is to hold them in your palm. Close your eyes and try to connect with the crystal. Speak with it like your best friend or loved one. The right hand is giving and the left is usually the dominant one i.e. the receiving hand. Wear the crystal according to this.

Please Note – Crystals are not an alternative to several diseases or medicines. They will practically help you get money if you have a stable job/business. Don’t just randomly adopt one and expect results in a day or two.


Over these years, I have been disconnected from my friends. It is hard to keep pace when you are in a different city. However, crystals have made my life full of bliss. They are the most magical blessing from mother nature 🙂 Do let me know if you are into crystals. Would love to know your favorites too.

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