Being pregnant is a magical experience. It’s still important to find a way to deal with the stress and stay positive. When you are pregnant there are so many things to worry about. Daily affirmation was a part of my pregnancy routine things.

I love to journal and do scripting. It helps me find a sense of calm while venting out my stress. Overthinking can be overly stressful during pregnancy. I spent some time writing positive affirmations to release any negative emotions in hopes of increasing positivity. Writing helps me get my mind off of whatever’s excited me the most at any given moment. It’s important to find ways to calm your brain like small things like writing down an affirmation or two (or more!) during each day that’ll help you feel positive about being pregnant (and doing other things) too!

My Daily Affirmations

  1. I am healthy and have a healthy baby – To have a healthy baby.
  2. I am content and satisfied in my life – This helped me calm myself and accept all changes
  3. I am healthy and have a normal pregnancy – Like every other woman, I wanted a pregnancy free of complications.
  4. I am full of life and energetic every day -The energy drains as the belly expands every trimester.
  5. I wake up early with full energy – I wanted to wake up with good energy
  6. I breathe normal – Weight gain is equal to heavy breathing. I’m a mouth breather so the breathing pattern was quite heavy and snored a lot during the last trimester.
  7. My baby is happy and content inside – I always spoke to the baby since day one about being happy
  8. I am happy, and full of gratitude to have met my parents and sister – Initial pandemic phase was scary and it was all new. I had high hopes to meet my parents or sister. Unfortunately my sister was doing WFH and parents could not leave Pune. However, my parents managed to come during my last month and stayed for two months.
  9. Thank you Almighty to help everyone survive the pandemic – Since day one of the news, I kept hoping it stops and all people around the world are safe.
Daily Affirmations

These are a few of my daily affirmations. You can use it according to your desire or needs. Do let me know if you write affirmations or say them aloud every day.

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