Pregnancy is a challenging time for any expecting father or mother-to-be. Listening to a baby growing healthily inside of you is truly an unforgettable experience! Pregnancy is hard. It requires a lot of sacrifices (to say the least), but those changes don’t take place overnight in a woman’s body! Body chemistry goes through some significant changes that can cause her to feel uncomfortable at times throughout the nine months, but know that it’s all worth it in the end when you see your little one for the first time and realize that every sacrifice you made was worth it tenfold. It is quite difficult to handle the frequent emotional phases of pregnancy.

One can feel disinterested or have a feeling of detachment. This is due to hormonal changes happening inside the body. Every day is different and every pregnancy is unique. Every trimester has different emotions. I would define it as a roller coaster of emotions.

Pregnancy is a challenge. A lot of things have to happen inside the body of a woman who is expecting a baby; it’s not easy! For example, during the first trimester, women tend to feel exhausted and nauseated, much like on. However, each trimester brings new challenges for pregnant women! I’m immensely grateful that I did not suffer from nausea during my pregnancy phase (touch wood). I wonder how women would have managed to pull off single-handedly during the pandemic. Especially in the first trimester with nausea. However, prenatal preparation is a must for expecting mothers!

Every trimester is different and I had no issues like nausea but there were several things that occurred during the journey. It depends on us and how we handle it. The hormones are at their peak and frequent mood swings are common too. We all have been through mood swings during PMS but this one is huge and for nine long months.

Emotional Phases of Pregnancy

Few things to keep the mind and body calm

  • Music works magic so listen to your favorite music. It is nice and peaceful to listen to Garbha Sanskar Shlokas.
  • Light exercise or small walks in the park or terrace will help you divert and indulge in the nature around you.
  • Watch sunset or sunrise. The calm and chaos during this hour are unmatched. We often forget to do this activity but trust me this will calm down those anxious nerves.
  • Do some drawing or mandala coloring. Order one for yourself.
  • Chant some mantras.
  • Do some self-pampering sessions like a home spa. Dip your tired feet in warm water and add some rose petals and bath salt to soothe tired feet.
  • Apply some light makeup if you love doing it just to lighten up and make you feel fresh.
  • Sleep is necessary. Try to have adequate sleep.
  • Read a book or for instance any spiritual book. This will help a lot to tackle the mood swing situation.
  • Hydrate the body well. Good water intake will help you balance your everyday mood.
  • Start maintaining a pregnancy journal. Write down all your experience or new changes you feel inside your body.
  • Talk and discuss with your partner, mom, or dad. This will help you release emotional baggage and get some emotional support/advice.
  • Indulge in good eating. This doesn’t need to be healthy always, do not curb your cravings. Eat what you feel! Remember the key is ‘Moderation’.
  • Never forget to start or end your day with a gratitude note or prayer. This will help you keep grounded and relaxed.

Please Note – These are a few things that I did during my pregnancy phase. You can do it according to your liking or needs. The energy levels are frequently changing so please do things accordingly. Never listen to any additional guidance from an unknown person, trust your instincts. For any support consult your gynecologist. This article is purely penned from individual experiences.

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