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I have started loving Ebooks now. I chose the second book wisely and trust me it was cherry on the cake to my blogging journey. Read a detailed review on “SEO FOR BLOG TRAFFIC” by Puspanjalee Das Dutta and “NUTRITION DIET MYTHS AND LIFE” by Dr. Amrita Basu

This book is a good read for mom’s, first-time mom’s for would be mommies. A real eye-opener to swap organic/eco-friendly life with the chemical-laden products available all over the world.

Genre – Parenting

About the Author – Pratibha owns a blog Pratsmusings. She is a mom to twins, eco-mommy, green lifestyle enthusiast, creative writer, and an amateur photographer. A versatile blogger who talks about eco-living and creates some magic on Social Media.

The Book – Parenting in the new eco-friendly way. Choosing eco-friendly products for kids wisely. A piece of detailed information on every harmful ingredient used in the baby or commercial FMCG products.

Highlights of the Book
  1. Pratibha makes a valid point of how buying a eco-friendly or organic product helps to reduce the carbon footprint in the surrounding. She makes it understand in layman terms for a newbie who never thought to switch his or her chemical life with a sustainable lifestyle
  2. Commonly used ingredients one should avoid while purchasing any baby care products. They are harmful as baby’s skin is tender and sensitive. It absorbs anything super quick so I personally loved the pointers mentioned in this chapter.
  3. Breast Milk, Homemade Food, Natural food varieties and cloth diapers a guide to help one find some good sustainable options for the baby. Just like chemical-laden sanitary pads even diapers are thrown out which are ultimately ending into landfills. Cloth diapers are quite modern with many varieties and ultimately mess-free
  4. I love the fact she added a detailed list of questions which every parent would ask before swapping with cloth diapers
  5. Conventional Cotton vs. Organic Cotton. Many of us don’t think about this issue but one needs to understand Conventional Cotton goes through a lot of processes and chemical dyes. On the other hand, Organic Cotton is natural with vegetable or natural dyes. Some of the organic brands are Omved, Nino Bambino, Awerganic, etc.
  6. Opting for eco-friendly products is not enough it is important to understand eco-friendly grooming options from traditional Tel Maalish, Ubtans, Soap-free or mild soaps to Gentle Eco-Cert products for skin and hair. She even points out for eco-friendly toys.

I’m sure every one of you might be intrigued by now to read her book. Here is a direct link to download Eco-Baby Care & Green Parenting Ebook. This review is a part of #Blogchatter Book Review Program.