I often search for powdered cleansers and love using them. These are super easy and quick to use. Recently won a face brightening cleanser in a giveaway held by The Tribe Concepts. I had to choose from their products and opted for the above product. I’m glad to use this cleanser and this is the detailed review on the same.

About the Brand:- The Tribe Concepts is a brand all about organically sourced ingredients from ancient valleys or forests which are untouched and has no chemicals or pesticides on them. They vouch for organic and natural ingredients in every single product.

Ingredients:- Made with pure organic extract of Organic Sandalwood, Manjistha, Tunga Mastha, Kachuralu, Bhavanchalu, Fenugreek, Vetiver, Sugandi Root, Kasturi Turmeric, Tulsi, Neem Leaf Powder, and Dry Rose Petal Powder. These ingredients are skin goals for every skin type.

My experience with the cleanser:- It is a super fine powder. I’ve used many cleansers this particular variant is so colorful. The green, yellow and red color is brightly visible when mixed with water. I have a tricky skin and you all know by now it is oily and sensitive 🙁 No need of highlighter my nose shines brighter than the makeup (Super funny yet true). It’s been more than a year or 2 I have hardly tried any product for face laden with chemicals or paraben for instance. This giveaway was a golden chance to add this organic cleanser in my skincare routine.

Face Brightening

It retails for Rs. 499 for 100 gms tin.

Tip to use this as a cleanser/scrub/mask – If you have blackheads or whiteheads take some steam and apply this cleanser. Leave it until semi-dry and gently massage on the face like a scrub. Wash off with cold water and apply some ice cubes. This procedure will open the pores, soothe and clear the congested pores and close them post ice-cube application. Please note for many of them it is not safe to use ice directly on the face so use a soft cotton cloth or if one plans to use it directly on the face just dab on for 2 to 3 seconds. This can be done on weekends or alternate in night skincare.


  1. Visible effects post-application in the first use itself
  2. Perfect to remove face tan
  3. Superfine in texture hence easy application
  4. Stands true and acts as a cleanser, mild scrub, and face mask
  5. I love the after effect on my skin. It makes my skin oil-free for an hour. One can use it before makeup too
  6. Everyday use will brighten the skin and makes your skin soft
  7. This cleanser is slightly sticky (not that sticky but kind of nice texture to rub on the face, it is basically mess-free)
  8. One can do DIY and use a drop of Tea Tree oil for acne. Add some Kaolin/Bentonite for blackheads and smooth skin. This is totally optional and one can use it with plain water every day for best results.
  9. I used this for my hands and feet. The results were visible in single-use as I have tanned feet and hands.
  10. Post application makes the skin moisturized
Face Brightening
1 – Mid noon oily face without wash 2 – Wash and apply the cleanser 3 – Leave till semi-dry and wash with plain water and it is visible my nose and face is super matte yet needs no moisturizer

Please read this super detailed review on my favorite cleanser.


  1. It makes my skin irritate at times as skin sensitivity is a lot but that is quite common with me
  2. Strong herbal fragrance for sensitive nose people. It was normal for me 🙂 as I’m used to herbs or any organic fragrance.
  3. This cleanser might seem slightly pricey for many but a very little amount is required so one can invest in a good cleanser

If you loved the detailed review please let me know about your favorite cleanser? I would love to try any new variant. DM them on Instagram or Whatsapp and buy these super effective products. You can purchase this product here. Use code “VARSHAVRAG” for 10% discount.

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