Using safe Sanitary pads is the need of the hour. I’ve been regularly using organic sanitary pads for almost 8 years now. I feel so proud to shift and make this huge change.

I’ve been through that phase of frequent itching and rashes all thanks to our conventional sanitary pads. They are affordable to serve the purpose but in the long run, they only hamper us and the environment. I feel grateful to make a switch early and use Carmesi Sanitary Pads – India’s only pad to be certified 100% rash-free by Gynaecologist. They are literally the best investment for every woman!

I’ve used almost 3 to 4 eco-conscious brands and Carmesi Sanitary Pads are probably my favorite and tops the list. The best part of Carmesi is they have safe and gentle feminine hygiene products.

Carmesi Sanitary Pads

I have been regularly using them every month and they are the best in terms of everything. The top base is soft and non-irritating as it is plant-based. The comfort level is commendable, it is super thin but there are no oopsie moments for me as they perfectly fit and won’t budge inside. Carmesi Sanitary Pads have super-absorbent material. They come in different sizes like L, XL, and XXL. The disposable bags are oxo-biodegradable.

One of my other favorite products from Carmesi is their Natural Deodorant Roll-on in Sweet Summer. It is mild, feel-good perfect for sensitive nose people. Their mini body razor, eyebrow razor, and facial shaving balm are good options for all your grooming needs.

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Have you tried Carmesi Sanitary Pads or anything else from the brand? If not, you must give them a try.