Blend it Raw Apothecary is a lovely brand for people who want pure ingredients to create their own DIY skincare – face, body, lips, and hair. I clearly recall my early blogging days when I first encountered Aarushi, who back then, wrote fantastic DIY skincare blogs. Her journey has been inspiring, evolving from DIY mask blogs to offering subscription boxes, and finally, venturing into selling individual, pure ingredients and catering a larger audience.

The true strength of Blend it Raw Apothecary lies in its commitment to ethically sourced ingredients. Their herbs, floral powders, dried petals, and oils are all organic and procured directly from farmers.

Founded by Aarushi, a certified skincare formulator, Blend it Raw Apothecary has been my personal starting point for exploring the world of raw ingredients. My love for the brand has only grown stronger with each passing day. I fondly remember my first set of purchased products: Tea Tree Essential Oil, Bentonite Clay, Kaolin Clay, and Castor Oil. I loved doing DIY skincare especially using bentonite clay or using tea tree e.o for acne spot treatment.

In today’s world, where many products are laden with chemicals, parabens, and SLS, brands like Blend it Raw Apothecary stand out. They are pure, organic, single-ingredient products that help you to achieve healthy skin, hair, and a nourished body. As a dedicated follower, I’ve witnessed Aarushi’s commitment to transparency. She regularly shares genuine pictures of the farms where her ingredients are sourced, showcasing the harvesting process. Additionally, she has a WhatsApp community where she shares easy and practical DIY skincare, haircare or bodycare recipes.

DIY Skincare

Some of my personal recommendations are licorice root powder, curry leaf powder, orange peel powder, rose petals powder, gurbandi almond oil, rosehip seed oil, bentonite and kaolin clay, best selling duo Kalonji and Rosemary Essential Oil for Hair Growth. These are just few of them but you can order other ingredients according to your skin concerns. You need to use a single ingredient or make your own DIY consistently to see proper results. If you are too lazy for doing DIY, Blended Botanica by Aarushi is your brand. She has curated some really good formulations that have 100% organic, raw, unrefined whole plant ingredients. These products come handy and help you target your concerns without doing DIYs.

Have you tried any of Aarushi’s brand before? Or let me know if you have any favorite herbs or powder that helped you tackle any skin/hair concerns.

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