If you are someone who hates having a banana this Fried Banana Balls Quick  Recipe is for you all. Banana is considered to have the highest source of Potassium and helps one to ease out Digestion.

This will make a perfect Pre-Christmas or Christmas Sweet Snack to munch on quickly and healthy. Let’s turn banana’s into something interesting and give our taste buds something exciting to try 🙂 Mom always insisted me to eat banana’s but I never loved having them. I always converted them into something interesting and this one is my all time favorite recipe. It is a healthy and great option for those sweet cravings we have every now and then.

Ingredients – Wheat Flour, 1 or 2 Banana’s, Powdered Sugar, Cardamom Powder, Pinch of Salt, Baking Powder (optional), and Milk.

Procedure – Take the above ingredients and mix it well like a dosa batter and make sure there are no lumps. Keep this aside for 20 mins so that it turns fluffy when you fry or when you add to the Idli/Appam Maker.

Deep Fry or Add in an Idli or Appam Maker with a spoon. Serve it hot with powdered sugar or chocolate sauce. We enjoy it as it is without any toppings. It is fried from outside and soft spongy inside. Go make these and surprise your kids and spouse 🙂 this CHRISTMAS 🎄 This recipe is a hit among all age groups and I’m sure you will love it if you hate having banana’s or your kids are choosy about fruits. Wheat and Fruit are healthy options for your kid and can even use Steam it with little oil, the color would be slightly brown but the taste would be amazing. You can top it with some star sprinklers or choco chips to make it look more attractive. A drop on honey on every ball will make it taste like a classic banana pancake in a ball version. I will come up with my favorite Banana Pancake Recipe next week for my Sweet Readers 🙂

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