Every mother is worried about her neonate and we all know it is so important to make a list for all Pre/Post Pregnancy stuff to make things easy for babies and family can help us too. The most important thing to keep handy is baby wipes or clean cloth.

Many of us still believe the traditional way and opt for cloth but little do we know cloth isn’t safe at all and at times had dirt accumulated inside it. A safe and better option is Soft Baby Wipes. We all have been struggling for that perfect baby wipes for our infants.
I’ve got you all sorted with one beautiful thing introduced by Mother Sparsh Team, I’m so happy to use these newly launched Mother Sparsh 99% Premium #UnscentedWaterWipes.
Let’s head towards the benefits of these newly launched Wipes.
  • No Artificial Fragrance – Every baby has sensitive skin and it is very important to use delicate wipes on their body or face. The struggle is super real for that perfect wipe. Mother Sparsh 99% Premium wipes are free from artificial fragrance and are unscented which makes it possible to use on baby’s sensitive skin

    • Thick Fabric – It is a common thing that wipes are torn while wiping babyโ€™s sensitive body parts and we end up struggling with using 2 to 3 wipes at a time. But you donโ€™t have to worry anymore as these are 3 times thick with medical grade

  • Lock System – It is very important to have moisturizing wipes for babies but every package has plastic stick-on which usually rips off and tends to remain open and ultimately dries the wipes. The packaging is super intact with a lid which makes it travel-friendly

Baby Wipes

    • Plant Derived Fabric – These wipes are super thick derived from plant pulp hence biodegradable

    • Safe Baby and Environment – It is very important to return โ€œMother Nature her clean environment hence these wipes are safe and biodegradable in nature.โ€

Baby Wipes

    • Extra Sensitive – These wipes can be used for multiple purposes as they are 0% polyester and super velvety in texture for extra sensitive skin

    • Free from Harmful Toxins – These have no trace of parabens and sulfates hence making it important for babies sensitive skin which is usually prone to red rashes with frequent use of other conventional chemical-laden wipes

  • Affordable – These wipes are efficient and worth every penny. They are always on a discount online so grab these soon

Baby Wipes

My Take on These Wipes:- Infants have super sensitive skin, these will surely be beneficial for their delicate skin as it has no trace of chemicals. Super thick medical grade cloth which can be used for babies directly even after birth as it is 99% Water Wipes and Super Soft for infants skin. If you are a new mommy-to-be this has to be on your list mommies. Make use of these healthy wipes for your newborns without worrying about any after effects. They will provide superb moisturization and will always provide them from dry skin issue as well. Next time you move out of your house for a short or long vacation add this to your tote bag ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank me later.