It’s important to get each and every last bit of preparation done before you start your family. One needs to be prepared for all the physical and emotional changes. The changes that are about to take place in the body. Some may find this rather difficult but being grateful to your own body every day will make life easier. As you get along with this beautiful experience together. Obviously, it’s impossible to say thank you to your baby each day; most people try their best by saying thank you to their uteruses at the very least for making everything possible! One should also include gratitude practice in their daily routine.

You know what it’s like to be pregnant and have a baby, so take some time for yourself as a woman to get your body in good condition by making sure that you integrate gratitude into every day, whether through meditation or physical exercise.

Of course, this may be more challenging than you think because most of us are busy with work, but there are a few ways to make time before you become a mother. Perhaps set aside 10 to 30 minutes a day before meals just for yourself; ensure that you have sufficient private time at home where you can practice breathing exercises or even some prenatal yoga. Finally, find certain gratitude slots into your otherwise full daily schedule. To focus on all the aspects of your health such as your digestive system, immune system, and hormones – everything is working together to help create life after all!

How to start the gratitude practice?

Dr. Robert Emmons, Ph.D., a leading scientific specialist on gratitude speaks about three major things. Gratitude is divided into three important parts Recognizing, Acknowledging, and Appreciating.

It is necessary we understand the basics of gratitude and start the practice. Maintain a gratitude journal for your gratitude practice activity. Take out 10 mins each day to write about it. Write down things you are grateful for – It can be anything you own or begin with pregnancy-specific things. Writing in a journal helps to pour all the feelings onto the paper.

Alternately, always thank the people around you. Even the tiniest help! A simple thank you or word of appreciation lightens up someone else’s life.

Gratitude Practice

Give back to the community or people in need. This can be in form of clothes or food. At the same time, thank everything or all problems. These things have made you strong and compassionate to help you conquer all the obstacles of life. This is counted as gratitude practice too. The most important thing is to express yourself well. Remember, The More you express Gratitude = More Happiness in life. We often talk about our least favorite things or crib about things we don’t have around us. Try doing the other way round.

When was the last time you express gratitude towards yourself?

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