This is my last post for 2021. I hope to get more exciting and informative content for all my loyal and new readers too. I’m always in favor of instant dosa. I hate adding soda and making them. In addition, I’m not regular with fermented dosa batter too. My recipes are usually a mix and match with the available ingredients in my kitchen. You can always do the same on your end. This one was a quite random and instant variant I recently tried to feed my baby girl. It is approved by her and we loved it too. It is our current favorite potato savory pancakes. We love potatoes in general and now she loves it too. There would be many such interesting recipe posts for all my readers.


1 small cup/bowl rice flour
1 cup semolina
Little freshly chopped spinach (added this for extra nutrition, can be skipped too) 1 boiled and mashed potato ( you can grate the potato as well)
1 tsp asafoetida
1 tsp turmeric powder
Salt and water as per taste

Potato Savory Pancakes
First few are soft and yellow and the others I made super crispy. Tastes best with a cup of hot tea. I love mine with extra malai!

This should be semi-thick consistency. Mix everything well and keep it aside for 15mins. Use ghee or oil on an iron tawa. Make hot dosas and serve your family. Kids love it too. If you don’t have spinach please include some coriander for that nice green touch. The Potato Savory Pancakes turn nice crispy outside and soft inside. Eat them for a nice Sunday breakfast or as an evening snack.