I love using shampoos that are effective and help with oil control. People with oily scalp can relate to this very well. I wanted to use something affordable and effective, my search ended with the brand Saathwa. The Satthwa Argan Oil Shampoo was recommended by my blogger buddy aka skincare formulator Sonali from Skincarevilla. I used it during my pre and post-pregnancy phases. My search ended here as it had no essential oils. This post is a detailed review so grab a cup of tea and keep reading this one!

Satthwa Argan Oil Shampoo – Rs. 499 for 200ml

The Shampoo Claims

  1. Makes hair softer, silkier, and shinier
  2. Moisturises hair and follicles
  3. Nourishes and strengthens hair
  4. Fights hair loss
  5. Reduces frizz
  6. Repairs damaged hair

The Packaging and Texture

It is quite nice and sturdy. A 200ml tube of shampoo comes with a flip cap. The texture is a little semi-thick. The tube shampoo comes out real quick unlike the pump packaging. In this case, please use it well to avoid extra shampoo on the palm. The Satthwa Argan Oil Shampoo is light white or silver/ silky white in color and texture.

My Experience

I have an oily scalp that quickly gets oily in a day when in Sindhudurg due to the humid weather. In Pune, post hair washes my hair is nice oil-free for at least 2 days as it isn’t that humid here. However, due to my oily scalp, I need to shampoo twice a week. This keeps my hair sane and does not cause any build-up or dirt. This is restorative shampoo and keeps the hair healthy with its natural oils and does not strip it away. I love how it makes my hair soft and smooth. While you rinse, it will start feeling smooth all over. This is almost like getting some keratin or hair spa done from a salon.

Satthwa Argan Oil Shampoo
Image Courtesy – Satthwa Website

The fragrance is out of the world. I fall in love every time I use it. Sensitive nose people like me can tolerate it too. It lathers less so dilute well with water and apply it to the hair. Follow up with their conditioner. (I have personally not tried it, so won’t be able to comment on it)


  • The Satthwa Argan Oil Shampoo cleanses my scalp really well
  • It makes my hair smooth and shiny. The Argan Oil and Botanical Keratin makes hair silky and salon-treated
  • I have a little itchy scalp that is all due to buildup between the wash intervals and humid weather. This helps with itchy scalp too but won’t be useful in the long run. For itchy or dandruff issues try their Dandruff variant
  • Lathers nicely depsite being sulfate and paraben free shampoo. It contain mild and safe cleansers.
  • It does help with frizz to an extent but I feel the urge to use some butter or oil on my hair strands by the end of the day (This clearly states, I should have used a conditioner in my routine). The truth is I never felt the need to order one and felt the shampoo would be enough for my hair! Shhh.. Please learn from my mistakes if you have normal or dry hair ends


  • The tube is not travel-friendly. It does leak but when the cap is secure with cello tape it might help from leakage. I traveled to Pune and found it spilled in the plastic bag. It is quite huge so transfer it to a travel-sized bottle during any trip!
  • The texture is a little easy-going and I ended up using a lot of shampoo for the first few uses.
  • Does not work on major hair fall. I had to stop using it during my postpartum phase. (They have not mentioned if it helps with major hairfall. I would love to try their Biotin Variant to see if it really works well on hairfall issues maybe in future.
  • A super oily scalp will need a lot of product!
  • Price is quite subjective and many might end up thinking it is quite pricey. I would say for the blend of different oils it is perfectly priced!
TIP – Oily Hair or Super Oily Scalp:- Skip oil if you are using this shampoo as it has an amazing blend of oils in it. If in case, you oil the hair use some extra product to rinse. Super dry hair ones would require to follow up with a conditioner for an extra nourishing effect. The consistency is quite nice and at times if one is not used to tube shampoo might end up using a lot of product. To avoid this, do not press as it comes quick once opened. Switching to Sulfate or Paraben-free for the first time? Don’t let the less lather worry you. You might end up using excess shampoo! In the first two washes, you will get used to the lather and texture too.

Overall, Satthwa is a nice Indian Brand. I never had high expectations but this one really has a special place in my heart. It works for all hair types until or unless you are allergic to any oil or ingredient. I would recommend this for any beginner who is on the journey to switch to sulfate/paraben-free shampoos. At present, I’ve stopped using this one due to severe hair fall. This review is after using the shampoo for almost a year or more! I will add my current shampoo review too.

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