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Periods are still taboo! Those 5 or 7 days are the worst for girls and women in rural areas. Sleep separate, no touching anyone, no visiting temple, no eating with the family and what not. There are people who still use dirty clothes during this period, some use actual cotton pads and find it hectic to wash the pads thoroughly, tampons and menstrual cups those who are into swimming or are comfortable with these 2 types of things. 90 % of females cannot make a difference between synthetic and actual Biodegradable/organic sanitary pads. I will review my favorite sanitary pads called “Heyday” today ๐Ÿ™‚


Courtesy – Heyday Website

I’ve stopped using Whisper after I came to know it’s all synthetic and the rashes turn worse till 5th day. I came across a Non-Indian brand and knew it’s 60% clean but again was skeptical to continue with it as some research on it was incomplete. Always wanted to support Indian brands and hence the research. I came across a brand called “HEYDAY” which is Biodegradable and Organic in nature made with Corn and Bamboo Fibre. I’ve never seen a packaging date or expiry on Whisper pads I’m unsure if they are still the same. Anyways, Heyday comes with the expiry and manufacturing tag so no need to worry.

My experience with Heyday Pads

๐ŸŒฟ It is comfortable and has no leakage issue
๐ŸŒฟ The pads are super soft and gives no rashes
๐ŸŒฟ They are very good when it comes to absorbency power as it has 7 organic core of sheets
๐ŸŒฟ It has no perfume, toxins, bleach, latex or plastics which causes rashes


The only issue with the pad is adhesive is very weak on the wings and back of the pad so make sure you buy ultra thin XL size. If you have heavy flow I would suggest to buy extra. I usually buy small 3 packs which are Rs. 85 with 7 pads. I use them as the flow is medium. If you have heavy flow please check Saathi Pads, MyCarmesi, and Natracare they have a large size like 310mm and 315mm and are organic too ๐Ÿ™‚ Heydayย will soonย launch their large-sized pads. You can opt 290 mm and check if it is comfortable as they are most affordable ones than the others above in the market today.

Few personal tips for these 5 days

Courtesy – Heyday Facebook Page

  • If you feel vagina needs to be cleaned with extra products like cleansing foams and soaps, you are thinking it the wrong way. Vagina has the power to self-cleanse so plain or lukewarm water does it’s job really well in cleansing the part. (P. S. I’m not a doctor, these are few things which I’ve learned during my college days and got it confirmed from it from a Family Doctor)

  • Avoid jeans or tight leggings at least for the first 3 days as it leads to rashes and ultimately it stops the vaginal area to get enough natural air so use regular comfortable cotton clothes and undergarments.
  • If you have menstrual cramps please don’t eat medicines like Cyclopam they are not good for a long run. My way to curb the pain is to have Ajwain(Carrom seeds) water. Add Ajwain seeds to water and boil it for 5mins let it cool and have this lukewarm. You will get relief in just 2 mins. Alternately apply coconut oil near the navel with some Vicks( I skip this as Ajwain Water works best)


  • ย Avoid spicy, fried, pickles, and junk food throughout those days as it might intensify the problem and cause pimples or cramps
  • Wax or tattoo should be avoided as the pain receptors could act weirdly these days
  • Most importantly try to listen to some soothing meditative music through these odd hours to reduce the pain

  • Cut off tea/coffee and sweets
  • Ghee allows food digestion, add it to your meals
  • If you are someone who loves sweet try to avoid ready-made ones and make some Shira/Halwa, Dalia/Lapshi at home


Order these super quality Natural/Biodegradable pads soon and let me know your experience. If you come across and this does interest you please share this post with your loved ones or girl gang ๐Ÿ™‚

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*This is not a sponsored review. I have purchased the product and above are my honest and unbiased opinions based on personal experience.

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