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We all have that surprising face when there are hormonal changes in our body and which result in pimples or severe acne. I am a lot in DIY and home remedies. My DIY’s were always a hit with considerable results. I will share one of my favorite DIY for Pimples/Acne today.

Few tried ingredients for Pimple Face Mask are as follows:-

  1. Neem Powder
  2. Bentonite Clay
  3. Kaolin Clay
  4. Tulsi Powder
  5. Jamun Powder
  6. Fresh Grind Coriander Paste
  7. Tea Tree Oil as a spot treatment
  8. Satliva Cream as a night cream
  9. Cinnamon Water
  10. Aloe Vera Gel

I have tried this and have seen a beautiful change in the skin type as well. Crushed Cinnamon paste could work for this issue but it is time-consuming hence when I understand there is a pesky monster on my face I take some cinnamon and add water to it keep this in the refrigerator for few hours and apply it on my face where there is a small initial bump before an actual pimple appears :p

The application is quick. Wash your hands with a good natural/organic soap. Clean hands/face is the most important thing for a clear skin. Take a cotton dab and dip in the cinnamon water. Apply it on the irritated face part or bump (initial pimple stage) for 10 mins and sleep. You can use this water throughout the day as well.

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