Hola Readers 🙂 This post is part of the blog train for World Yoga Day called “On Track To Good Health“. We all talk about Healthy mind and body these days, but I feel it is equally important to treat the face in a healthy way 🙂

I will share some easy tips to achieve the healthy glow on your face. Follow these and I’m sure you will have a healthy face, body, and mind.


Maintain that Smile – It is very important to smile every day. Oh yes, don’t forget to smile during those monthly chums too. A smile can trick your brain and make you positive if you are ever depressed or sad about a certain thing. It is the best form of facial exercise. So from tomorrow keep in mind you have to wake up with a broad smile. This act of yours will indirectly enhance a natural/healthy glow on your face.

Wash the Face – I know we all tend to pick up the phone first when we wake up. I’ve read somewhere this makes our brain work slowly and we tend to do everything lazily. Wake Up! Smile! Wash the Face! Wash it with plain water. If you use lukewarm water to wash the face follow up with a splash of cold water. Kinda confusing right? Let me explain this. We do this to close our pores, warm water opens face pores and cold water closes them and we follow up with a cream/moisturizer.
Diet Intake – It is very important to analyze the food we have every day. Consume food with antioxidants like Ripe Bananas, Pomegranates, Nuts, Cranberries, Apples, Citrus Fruits, Leafy Veggies, etc. Eat Salmon Fish it slows down the aging with a carotenoid present in it. Flaxseeds and Chia Seeds for Healthy Hair. Water intake is equally important for the healthy glow on your face. So make sure you have 3 liters of water irrespective of any season.

Easy Hair Mask – You can skin Fenugreek seeds and use the powder. Little is enough as it is sticky.

Healthy Hair – It is quite common that we use chemicals and ruin our natural shiny mane. Easy DIY for SHINY HAIR. You can ditch your Chemical-laden shampoo and vouch for this DIY. Kaolin Clay Powder and some water, use this on your hair keep it for 5 to 10 mins and wash your hair. Voila! You get Shiny, Tangle Free Hair. I personally use this every time my organic shampoo is unavailable. You can add your favorite essential oil to this if you have dandruff add 2 drops of Tea Tree EO.

Ditch Chemicals, Say Yes to Organic – If you don’t trust any brand please utilize your kitchen ingredients trust me you would be the happiest. For e.g. Using fermented rice water for hair or face, fenugreek seeds to cure dandruff, ginger, and onion for hair growth or hair baldness, gram flour if you are a sensitive or acne prone skin type, egg white to treat pores. I am a DIY person and have been using these methods almost every week to pamper my skin.

Easy DIY at Home

Thank you, Anahita for introducing me. I would like to hand over the baton to Afreen Ansari who is a Digital Marketing Manager by profession and a Travel / Food blogger by passion. Find your next destination to travel or the new restaurant to explore, or her take on healthy living only on Unfiltered


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