This year has hit hard in terms of unnecessary stress and a chaotic lifestyle. The pandemic has affected almost every age group. I’ve been in contact with so many friends who have gone through a lot due to unemployment or WFH stress. Managing WFH and doing the household chores is a task in itself especially for a woman. This results in an improper eating schedule, insomnia, irregular bowel movements, and the most affected one is hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalance affects in different ways and one of them is irregular periods. This is when Namyaa Period KitNamyaa Anartava, Namyaa Aarthava Kshaya, and Namyaa ShwetKanika comes in handy to every woman.

Every woman has to go through those 5 or 7 days each month. We all know periods or menstrual cycles differ from person to person. Few of them face irregular periods, painful cycles, improper ovulation, and overall hormonal imbalance. I’ve been through painful menstruation cycles and know how it feels to be in that phase. We all try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and be on our toes but some of us still face severe issues in terms of menstruation. To keep track of your period cycle, use a diary or apps on the phone.

Let’s read some of the benefits of Namyaa wellness products

          Namyaa Anartava – This powerful herb-filled syrup is for irregular and delayed periods. Namyaa Anartava specifically works on Amenorrhea meaning absence of menstruation/missed periods.

  •  The Anartava syrup has some great ingredients like Pippali, Aloe Vera, Krishna-Tila, Karanja, and other beneficial herbs
  • This Ayurvedic syrup is safe to consume as it is based on an age-old formulation
Namyaa Period Kit
  • Delayed periods are often unpredictable and these help to normalize the menstrual cycles
  • It helps to pacify Vata and Kapha
  • It is free of additives or artificial fragrance 
  • Irregular periods affects the hormones and it keeps the hormonal balance and even keeps ovulation on time

Namyaa Aarthava Kshaya for PCOD and PCOS Tablets – PCOS(Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and PCOD(Polycystic Ovarian Disease). These are well-known names and many women face it these days. 

  • These Ayurvedic tablets contain certified ingredients like Aloe Vera, Pippali, Neem, Varuna, Kultha, Kanchnar, Sahastravedi, etc. 
  • This has amazing benefits like regular periods and ovulation
  • Regular periods = Regular ovulation. This results to improve fertility as well
Namyaa Period Kit
  • It helps with proper hormonal balance and purifies the blood
  • Aarthava Kshaya helps in removing toxins and works on the metabolism rate as well
  • The tablets are not chemical-laden and packed with the goodness of herbs and rare extracts

Namyaa ShwetKanika – For White Discharge – Vaginal white discharge is quite common. At times, it also turns itchy and the intimate area has irritation as well. These tablets come to the rescue in the above situation. 

  • This power-packed goodness has Ashoka, Daruharidra, Guduchi, Jeereka, Lodhra, etc. The Ayurvedic herbs and ingredients are potent and natural 
  • Vaginal infections are scary and should be treated on time. The tablets help in itching or burning sensation in the vagina
Namyaa Period Kit
  • It takes care of smelly vaginal odor
  • They help with inflammation, treats and  restores the pH balance of the vagina 

Some additional tips with the usage above period kit

  • Food consumed is often reflected on the skin. Good food = Good Skin! Diet plays a vital role in the regularity of the period cycle. Plan the meals and eat on time
  • Alcohol-based or heavy surfactant soaps should be avoided for the vaginal area. This might disrupt the pH balance
  • Track your monthly cycle and keep a look if it is irregular
  • A slightest vaginal infection could turn severe hence always seek medical advice if the issue is uncommon 
  • Irregular sleeping pattern and more screen time affects overall health and at times the period cycle too
  • PCOD and PCOS should be treated well and in time

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The above products are safe from harmful chemicals and have no side effects. Individuals on heavy medications should confirm with their doctors before using anything to regulate periods/PCOD/PCOS. I hope this post helps you choose the proper product from the Namyaa Period Kit range for your period problems.

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