Kaleshwar Temple is a well-known temple in Sindhudurg. It is located in Nerur. Shree Dev Kaleshwar is Lord Shiva’s Avatar. There is this ancient interesting story about God Kaleshwar. This place where the temple is located now was a dense forest in olden days. A cow used to pour her milk every day in an open space, one day a priest saw her doing this. He was surprised to see this scene and dug the ground to check. He found a Natural Shiv Lingam below and now this place is turned into a huge temple with a different God nearby to this temple. Devi Sateri, Dev Gavdoba, Dev Brahmanath, Shri Ravalnath, Vetal, Bhutnath. The Shiv Lingam and Shalunka are black and are separate. Nitin even said someone told them during their childhood that while the Priest dug he accidentally hurt the Shiv Ling and which has a mark on the lingam even to date.

This temple is crowded on Monday each week. Kaleshwar is located near a lotus lake which has pink and white lotus every year. To top this, the view is scenic when one gets to watch different birds and ducks inside the lake. Every year one gets to witness overcrowded locals during Mahashivratri. There is a huge procession and God Kaleshwar is taken in a Rath/Chariot. The ceremonies start 4 days post-Maha Shivratri. On the main day, the temple is crowded with people from all over Maharashtra. Kaleshwar is taken on a Rath for Pradakshina. Dashavatar’s performance is these during these 5 days. Every day for 4 days the procession takes place in the Palkhi.

Love sitting near here on one of the windows inside the Kaleshwar Temple

Every time I visit this place, I fall in love with the creative wooden doors and pillars. The design is classic and gives me a vintage feel. The best part is it is peaceful out here and super positive. During monsoons, the entire locality turns green as one end still has farms and forests. You can feel the positivity in the temple. A famous Marathi Movie shot was done at Kaleshwar Temple, Zee Marathi’s famous “Din Din Diwali” special Diwali edition song was also shot in the temple premises, The Famous Marathi Serial  “Gaav Gaata Gazali” scenes were shot in the temple last year.
When are visiting the temple?
Dad standing near the Rath 😊