If you are a Maharashtrian, you will feel super connected to this post. Even if you are a Non-Maharashtrian this post is a great insight into some amazing thoughts on Malvani Language.

I came across this language during my visit to Sawantwadi which is naani’s house. Found it interesting and they had a unique pitch to their sentences. I love when my uncle keeps blabbering in Malvani at his family or uses bad words as a joke. P.s. It isn’t abusing at all :p Malvani language is a derived from Konkani.

Malvani Language

Listening to old people talk in this language is a treat to one’s eyes. The simplicity and maturity in sentences is worth understanding. I don’t speak Malvani, but I do understand. So when someone talks to me in Malvani, I reply in Marathi. Marathi is well-known by everyone and is easy to connect with anyone in Kudal, Sawantwadi, Vengurla, Malvan or Kankavli. Hindi is slightly difficult but everyone does understand and some can even converse well in Hindi.

Malvani Language
Courtesy – Zee Marathi
Some of the famous Malvani Marathi serials are “Gaav Gaata Gazali” and “Ratris Khel Chale”. Marathi movies which had Malvani dialogues are “Haapus”, “Murder Mestri”, “Narbachi Wadi”, “Deva – Ek Atrangee“. These movies had Malvani characters and were shot in Sindhudurg too. “Vastraharan” A Malvani Natak/Drama by Macchindra Kambli is world famous and this made everyone recognize Malvani in a true way. If you have not seen any of these movies, I would urge you to see “Narbachi Wadi” with a Marathi friend or with subtitles. It has the best views of Konkan and amazing story-line.

Few common English to Malvani examples for easy understanding are as follow:- “Re” for him and “Go” is used for her.

Malvani Language
Nitin helped with this one πŸ™‚

The famous Dashavtar Natak has Shankasura who talks in Malvani only! Have you tried to speak in Malvani before?