My love for veggies and fruits is unbeatable 🙂 Jackfruit is one of the essential seasonal fruits in Sindhudurg. They change in flavor but the benefits are always the same! This spiky ball is healthy by each mean. It has a low glycemic level hence the best fruit for Diabetic patients, although consult with your family doctor. Grandma aka my Naani has diabetes too and she loves this fruit a lot, the best natural sweetener ever. It is high in carbohydrates and low in fat.

Parts of a Jackfruit:- Spiky outer case is rind. Inside the rind, there is a bulb-like fleshy structure with seeds in them.


When in Pune, our relatives from Sawantwadi got this during their Pune visit 🙂 Everyone in our family loves it. Jackfruits are termed here as “Kaapa” and “Rasaal“. Two variants according to the taste and texture. Luckily, Nitin owns a jackfruit tree here in Sindhudurg. I’ve never seen anyone water this tree regularly till date, it is basically the most unique tree 🙂

Every part of the tree is useful. The leaves are super beneficial as per online sources they are anti-cancer in nature, helps in healing the wound quickly, maintain diabetes, etc. Farmers often use dried leaves to burn and clean the farm area to cultivate new crops. They are also used with wood for “Chulha”.

Featured & This Image Source :- Pixabay
Jackfruit is eaten raw or cooked as a vegetable. Apply some coconut oil to the knife and hands as it contains sap. Small jackfruits aka “Kuvra” tastes yummy as a vegetable. It tastes like meat and perfect for vegetarians. We boil the seeds with some salt and eat them. many use it for hummus. In Pune, mom sun-dries the seeds and stores them for a month to add in curries or veggies. One can add the seeds once peeled are brown in color like an almond. It goes best with potatoes, brinjals, cluster beans, dried prawns, cabbage, etc. The soft tendrils are dried too. They taste yummy and crispy like potato chips. Next time you visit any part of Sindhudurg don’t forget to eat Jackfruits and Jackfruits Wafers 🙂