Pets are a huge part of our lives. They love us so unconditionally that you can’t imagine. As humans, seeing the animals give us a different pleasure. Remember, the last time you saw a puppy on the road and you were smiling on them. They are just so adorable that you fall in love with them again and again. When we have a pet they become a member of our family and part of our life. Losing a pet is a hard deal and very difficult to cope up with. Here’s a solution to one’s stress if they are really going through a hard time after pet loss.BookMyPainting is a one-stop destination for your handpainted gift needs!
Preserving your paw’s memories through pictures can be a regular idea but here is something more unique and personalized. I’m talking about hand-painted pet portraits. All those colors and shades and textures keep their innocence untouched like nothing and make us believe that they are still here with us. An artist put all their hardships into it and you can feel that warmth when you see it. 
BookMyPainting is one such place where you can easily get paintings from photos. They are a tech-savvy platform where it is super smooth to book a painting. All you got to do is select an art style from their wide range of art styles, pick a size and upload the picture. Done! You’re all set to have your furry friend to be with you forever. BookMyPainting can even add a little message with the painting if you want. This message can be something that remained untold and unheard of. 
BookMyPainting is having so many art styles like charcoal, oil, watercolors and many more. They all go with the lifelike depiction of your pet and you’ll feel his presence all around it whenever you see it. Are you not sure what art style you want to have? I’m here to get your back. Let’s explore! 
If you are looking for something in black and white then you must choose the master black and white sketching style, charcoal drawings. These masterpiece drawings are wonderful if your pet is having black fur. The contrast achieved with charcoal is unmatched. You’ll surely feel like it’s more a black and white filter on the photograph or a real photo to art. Charcoal sketches are prepared with raw charcoal. You will feel a different touch at the surface of the drawing too. 
In colored art, you’ve got a variety of options in which oil portrait painting is going to be the first choice. Oil painting is an art style that is among the oldest art techniques. Oil has a real-life depiction of subjects. For breeds, which have shiny and colorful fur, this is a must-go option. These realistic paintings are well suited for the monochromatic walls of a house. Oil paint lasts up to a lifetime if they are kept properly. oil paintings are connectors favorite and who knows someday you are cute little friend will be an antique somewhere.


Talking about the other options in colored art styles will reach the next stop which is watercolor painting. watercolor painting is an artistic approach towards the protection of the subject with the help of old school watercolors. Watercolor paintings have color splashes all around and make you feel like a kid again when you see your little pet in that painting with you. Watercolor paintings have different background and they are really different ways to depict your pet into a painting. Something really unheard and out of the box. You can even with painting, add a message for a friend. 
One more option is available in the colored art styles that are pencil color sketches. If you are someone who is very much interested in colors and pencil sketching or drawing too this art style is your perfect match. The pencil color sketches are made with pencil colors and consist of all the details observed in the pencil drawing technique. A Foreign friend who is dealing with loss this is going to be the best pet loss gift.
We all love our pets more than anything. Losing a pet can be very hurtful and difficult to deal with but death is not the end of life it’s a part of life. Instead of mourning and giving ourselves stress we should really think about the moments when we were happier with our pets the joy they have given us and the memories which will never be forgotten. Saving your pet into a hand-painted portrait will give you nothing but that immense pleasure but he is always with you. So what are you waiting for getting yourself handmade portrait painting right now!